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'Celebrating' 9/11: Time to join the dots…

10.09.2013 13:23

Given the on-going crisis over Syria might the US be considering an unimaginable “celebration” on or around 9/11, doubling – even tripling - their bets by triggering a far greater war of worldwide proportion? A “Nine-Eleven” remake?

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Howard Lewis 26.03.2014 01:55

Contrary to sissy popular opinion, I documented this demolition system in 1969. I am not alone in this claim. Updating occurred.


Howard Lewis 26.03.2014 01:53

Installation of the nuke based demolition system was bound to cause problems. Few cared and this is why many died in pain and horror. And why the carnage by genetic rejects continues.


R 21.12.2013 20:04

I truly believe 9/11 was a false flag event!
If only Snowden had the proof.
Look into history to see how many false flag events there have been proven.

The se psychopaths that rule must be exposed!
These people don't care about US!
People wake up!


Anthony David 19.12.2013 17:04

Good article... very good indeed.

Rea lity is made of a series of dots and lines...lines moving to dots.. and dots moving the lines.

Unde rstanding the hinge points one can understand the line. Understanding the line can direct you to the hinge point.

Cons cious author.. very conscious..

I am glad scientists now realize the reality is made of a series of lines.. i cant wait until they also learn about the bubbles.. or rather Dots...

As creation can be better understood through the interplay and development "Evolution" ; of what is.. and what was and what will be.


Gene Ogorodov 11.09.2013 15:43

A false flag attack by the US is not necessary to get the US into war in Syria. One doesn't need a blowtorch (or a nuclear bomb) to ignite this tinderbox. With the Israelis and Saudis already engaged, there isn't any way the US will stay out of it. However, Sen. Graham's comments are indicative of a small number of right-wingers that view intervention in Syria as essential. This is an interesting twist on the increasingly violent right-wing, which, by the way, pose the greatest internal threat to the US. Yes or no on Syria the right-wing will be up in arms. Did someone mention a civil war....


Shamsuddeen Musa Najaku 11.09.2013 09:59

Good Job! Keep the good work, God will always be with the truthful ones and shame the liars wherever they are be it Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, Chemical Weapons used in Syria or whasoever, the truth must be revealed one day one time the liars shall be brought to face the concequences of their misdeeds.


kc 11.09.2013 09:29

Look like all chaos and wars in this world is dot connected to war monger US


Abu Fatima 11.09.2013 09:27

Dave Stuart 11.09.2013 08:07

Find your own choice, but find some-one who loves this country and her people, not their bank account.


That would be nice for the rest of us. Most of us like the average American person, until he/she gets lobotomised by odd ideology and uses blowback tragedy to blackmail the rest of us.

Well Adrian, lots of people are waiting with bated breath if the rest of this rightly solemn day of remembrance to the victims of 9/11 will end with a horrendous production.

Will it be 'White House Up' starring Michael Kassen, John Ker-oops, Jay Blarney & Susan Basmati?


Willum James 11.09.2013 09:18

Great story !!!


Dave Stuart 11.09.2013 08:07

How about next election more repubs or democraps...Any one else that has a scrap of sense would be good. We for sure don't need any 'hawks' in office, what we need is leaders that will take care of this country, not the thugs that bribe them for their own greedy wants.
While he was not perfect, Ron Paul would have been a great choice...that was why MSM ignored him as much as possible.
Find your own choice, but find some-one who loves this country and her people, not their bank account. What ever god you believe in (or not) bless this great country and her good people.

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