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Tayyip's tapes: Muslim democracy, sleaze and bribery

11.03.2014 15:52

​The Turkish corruption saga, which also appears to be the chronicle of a behind-the-scenes power struggle, gets more convoluted by the day.

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MaiSirAndrey 27.03.2014 16:45

MaiSirAndrey 27.03.2014 16:45

And people would still wonder what would "brainwashing&a mp;amp;q uot; be like. Here it is. Being blocked to access youtube just because he wants to is not "REGULAR DEMOCRACY".


An d the fact that you misinterpret it shows that you are a follower of him
and you will keep following him no matter what. You won't use your common sense nor your ability to comprehend what's going on. Good luck.


Jack Falcon 20.03.2014 22:16

I find it kind of funny it mention this as a muslim democracy,this is just regular democracy.Who started it, wasn't it Emperor agustus who pretended to be the family man even while having orgies in his private life?

Ultim ately a greedy leader who defends his nations interest is better then a greedy leader who sells out his nation to foreign interest!


Roc Lan 12.03.2014 22:00

We love PM Erdogan. He's our hero, just like Putin is Russias hero.
Smearcampa igns always excist.


Tex Shelters 12.03.2014 14:04

Thanks as always for the update and history lesson.

Tex Shelters

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