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'There are many such cases in Turkey': Fazil Say trial not anomaly

15.04.2013 15:12

Turkish pianist Fazil Say being slapped with a suspended 10-month jail term for a controversial tweet is an example of a “clear trend of abusive prosecutions” in Turkey, Amnesty International researcher Andrew Gardner told RT.

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Baturay Daylak 20.04.2013 08:05

LOL, Jim. I think you have a problem of some sort in your logic. If "everything&quo t; about Turkey is a lie, why Fazil Say and many other secular people care to speak against the current government and its acts? Why there are people protesting this ruling about Say's case? Are they a part of the lie also?

I wonder how did you make a connection between this issue and NATO. Republic of Turkey was founded to be a secular nation. However, it can be said it is not 100% secular. Sadly, secular foundations have been subject to degradation in the last decade, thanks to the conservative government and politicians.


Başak Cömert 19.04.2013 02:19

to Jim Dandy from basak
Being a NATO member is not Turkey's fault, the only fault is being poor, lack of money. yes it has its unique culture and own values which is nice.
NO, Turkey is absolute secular country, even though I am not a muslim women I live freely and happily in Turkey.
and Yes there is a freedom of speech problem in Turkey like in many other developing countries. However it is not necessary to insult the whole nation because of their temporary governors. Next time it is better to address our president's name or government to criticize therefore he can work to change something.


Jim Dandy 17.04.2013 19:21

This case just proves that just about everything about Turkey is a lie and the NATO blood money thrown at Turkey amounts to nothing more than a bribe.
-As a NATO member, Turkey doesn't share Western values.
-Turkey is NOT secular but in fact like the Saudis an Islamic state bent on imposing their variation of Sharia.
-If Turkey can't even respect 'tweet' comments of its own citizens, how will Turkey respect the rights of its neighbors?

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 16:05

Say insulting in worst possible way, cannot be considered freedom of expression (by Eurepean court)

Anonymous user 17.04.2013 09:39

So much for the freedom of speech in turkey....

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 13:24

YAY religion!!!

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 12:32

Ppl r so dumb. U'd think they wud wonder why Islam? Wake up. Were all not so diff

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 11:52

Funny how UK/US support Turks and in general the most barbaric societies. Nothing accidental.

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 00:53

atheism is better way to go than christianity in our western society

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 23:35

before islam and christianity there were a lot of much older religions in Anatolia which are better

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 23:27

The beast was wounded but is now healing, the wicked one is coming!

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 19:02

Turks! Go away from Europe!... Be part of Saudi Arabia!...

Anonymous user 15.04.2013 18:29


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