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All washed out: What floods reveal about UK political elite

20.02.2014 08:00

The terrible impact that the ongoing floods have had over large parts of Britain - and the government response to the disaster - tells us much about the political system we now live under and in whose interests our government acts.

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mergon 21.02.2014 11:28

Estate agents say that properties damaged in a flood can expect prices to go up within 3 years .
Do they think the British public are that stupid ?

Prior to buying a property GET A GEO STUDY ,check with insurance companies if you can even get insurance on on the property !

Check with on line property sites to see what property in that area has sold for over a known flood period !

If a property is sitting on clay ,it will expand when wet and shrink in the summer causing cracks to appear !

Councils will allow houses to be built under water as long as they get the council tax !


mergon 21.02.2014 11:15

Beware of buying a property anywhere near a flood plane
The insurance companies have done a deal with the government over house insurance ,because of the insurance is tied to mortgages the government have agreed to compensate the insurance companies for the next 25 years out of public money ,as it is the insurance companies are refusing to insure properties in flood planes anyway unless you pay mega high premiums and undertake a raft of preventative measures .

Estate agents are saying that properties are still selling and the market is not affected ,but then they are estate agents !


mergon 21.02.2014 11:04

OOOOh its been a 100 year event ,C.R.A.P ,THE GREAT FLOOD OF 1953 ,FOR 1 , 1987 WAS ANOTHER,2005 ECT ECT.

The government put the jubilee river in to save people in Windsor from being flooded .

Who decided to stop rivers from being dredged ?
Must have saved a few bob there !

Who decided to stop work on flood defences ?
No one stepped up to the plate then !

In those closed council meetings who are the faceless men that decide to build on the flood plains ?

Why is it that no one is ever bought to book for flagrant disregard to peoples lives for flood plane developments

The reason is simple ITS MONEY !


Alan Rigby Marr 21.02.2014 09:42

There are literally thousands of civil engineers and operatives out of work in the UK who could be working on flood defences. This government must go as soon as possible , they have no interest in the welfare of the people of this nation the UK. The sooner they go the sooner we can return to sensible government!


marcus 21.02.2014 06:11

Reagan and Thatcher destroyed both their countries. the worst leaders history. Reagan removed the law preventing foreign companies from owning the media. and the law limiting ownership of a radio and television station to one maximum of 6 nationwide. Thatcher for turning the state over to private corporations. Really fascism under the name of privatization.


Robb Kerr 21.02.2014 03:31

Governments: Ruining countries since their inception....


Mark4915 21.02.2014 02:43

USA there was disaster. Citizens become tired of waiting for help and hired lawyers to apply to UN emergency funds, as if they were starving people. UN accepted application. Next, USA State Department blocked UN rescue grants to USA citizens, because of embarrassment, that their own middle class citizens would apply for disaster funds, primarily given to poorest nations on earth. Maybe UK citizens and lawyers can apply same legal procedure, to bypass London and plead to UN for disaster funds, because they are so deep in mud, they qualify as third world starving people. Don't turn to Cameron, turn to UN for help.


BernardV 21.02.2014 00:00

[quote name='Douglas Dewar' time='20.02.2014 20:19']The only way we peasants can have any impact on the super rich who rule us is to vote out conservatives.[/quot e]

And bring back Labour who caused this mess in the first place?

Take a look at my previous comment mate.


BernardV 20.02.2014 23:58

And yet it was the Labour government under Tony Blair that stopped dredging the rivers and sold all the dredging equipment for scrap. And it was the left leaning Lib/Dems that stopped the dredging from being restarted.

Let's not forget that our Environment Minister is an ex-Labour politician.

I feel there's a lot of political bias in this article.


Suzanne Kiernan 20.02.2014 23:43

I think it laughable that the mainstream think only conservatives / republicans are making money (thinking about themselves). Wake up. Those in power will take care of themselves..... period!!!

Y ou (the people) have to educate and be self-sufficient by learning the importance of economics and investments. Only then can people as a whole be empowered and come together.... Until then, those who do not have look to their government to help. (a scarey and helpless way to be unfortunately)


Pete Buckley 20.02.2014 23:28

Well put - much of our national infrastructure has been sold off or dismantled in the name of so called "free market economics" and this is just one of the results. Maybe lessons will be learnt this time but it's a little late for the people who have already been flooded out of their homes...


Douglas Dewar 20.02.2014 20:19

The only way we peasants can have any impact on the super rich who rule us is to vote out conservatives.

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