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What was missing from MI5 chief Andrew Parker's speech

10.10.2013 09:04

Sir Andrew Parker, the recently elevated Director General of the UK's domestic security Service (MI5) yesterday made both his first public speech and a superficially robust defense of the work of the intelligence agencies.

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mergon 12.12.2013 10:50

Basicly there are to many people in the world chasing to few resources ,new satellite scanner technology is testiment to that one and governments are using super spook technology to make sure that they get there share , wars are not about people in another country getting democracy they are about that countries resources ,if the east did not have any oil there would not have been a war !
And what happened to Sadams gold and money ,he had tons of it but where has it gone ,spoils of war ?


mergon 12.12.2013 10:39

Snownden is todays example of how 1 person can change the worlds knowledge base on what the worlds governments are really up to
to slow this kind of thing down they needed total survailence ,there was time when programs like [ a person of interest ] were just fiction ,now its a reality .
Use a computer ? you have to take it as read they have you if they want to ,got a cell phone ? they have your pac/mac/and number, changing sims wont make any difference , the cyber wars are more about world resources and how to get them ,people are secondary unless an issue !


james goldsmith 27.10.2013 07:54

Through a mechanism of feigned paranoia and misinformation, the state is aiming to control the thoughts of its people. The people no longer believe what the state is telling them. Privacy is paramount. What you don't know, in a nation that has never revolted, is probably not worth knowing anyway. The Governing state is pandering to the Americans; MI5 is no different. They lose their autonomy more and more by the day.


HB 13.10.2013 01:48

I still don't understand how the London Underground was bombed during an exercise by UK security forces practicing what to do in case the London Underground was bombed. Similarly, the Boston bombing. Similarly, 9/11. All during "exercises" ;. No doubt I have missed one or two. Is something wrong with this picture? Just what is the purpose of the MI5 and MI6 organisations or US alphabet organisations? Governments spend huge amounts of money, yet potential terrorists are being admitted to our countries in droves, and an ever expanding percentage of the populace is hungry. Madness.


rob e 10.10.2013 18:45

Back in the old days, anyone giving information for foreign government was branded a traitor and dealt with accordingly...

As it has now become sanctioned by the UK government to pass information on its citizens to another power (the USA), does that not make the whole UK government (and any others engaging in the same activity) traitors?

D oes in my book...


Charles Edward Frith 10.10.2013 12:36

Andrew Parker is described as a chump turned stooge with this latest speech by MI5 insiders.


Em 10.10.2013 11:48

Andrew Parker gets my vote for this years 'Golden Excrement Award' for meritorious achievements in hypocrisy and betrayal. Go Andrew!

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