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Starved & evicted: Britain’s poor now treated worse than animals

07.03.2014 09:49

If someone had told me a decade ago that the British government would deliberately starve my fellow countrymen in an attempt to bully them into slave labor jobs that wouldn’t even pay the bills, I would have laughed in their face.

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Venus Project Supporter 27.07.2014 17:48

I was unfairly sanctioned at the beginning of this year for almost 3 months and went 5 and a half days without food before I could get help from a friend. I also have to pay bedroom tax and 12.5% council tax from my jsa when I'm not working. I almost lost my home.

None of this would happen in a Resource-based Economy.


Alan Rowe 22.05.2014 11:23

Seems the dollar based global monetary system is going to crash out. Whether this happens first or war is unknown but the two will run together. The US will not be backed into a corner and is at its most dangerous when the foundation of its national security ie, money is undermined.
The people at the top are panicking , but the face that the man in the street sees is business as normal. The worlds banks are rescued by their
puppets, the governments, everything else is collateral


Martin Rushton 14.05.2014 15:45

It is so very clear the gap between the rich and the poor is ever increasing. the wealth of the planet is being concentrated into a smaller and smaller %age of the population. Huge businesses and institutions are controlling more and more of our lives and when you speak out these insidious organisations try and take away everything you have. Google my name along with 'human rights' for a prime example.


missty 14.05.2014 14:03

George Orwell was right.


Tim Hayward 14.05.2014 13:38

Excellent piece, sums up UK 2014 very succinctly, and sadly it"s So very true.


Jason Michael Rowe 14.05.2014 07:19

How many builders do you know that are on £10 an hour?


Garry Williams 13.05.2014 22:12

Soon the unemployed will be even further vilified and then stopped from voting in order that those making these cuts are not made to face retribution, you wait and see.


Nita Jane White 22.04.2014 21:20

Someone needs to intervene ....this is terrible


Mike Oxstiff 22.04.2014 08:11

Karl 09.03.2014 02:20

Well move to Russia if the UK is so bad...Let them pay your benefits........Not!


Life in Russia is no better for the poor. The only difference is Russias poor know they are peasants and know they will always be poor. The working man in England has been living beyond his means for years and now is beginning to pay the price


Mike Oxstiff 22.04.2014 07:58

[quote name='Neo-Classical Liberal' time='09.03.2014 13:16']No wonder the Scots want out.

[/quot e]

Ha ha. And a lot of English people want the same thing but it won't happen


mergon 26.03.2014 10:52

Spine damaged to a motorcycle accident 2 operations , ostio athritis and a knee operation ,problems walking cant sit for to long or stand for to long yet declared fit to work via an ATOS phoney medical = Atos is under a contract to get as many people as they can off the benefits , i did my home work and went into the house of commons listings and found the information ,printed it out and went to the next medical and left the case open when i went in for the medical when i came back the papers were not as left ,the result was i was declared not fit to work . and told i would not have to attend any more medicals !


mellonicoley 18.03.2014 13:05

I would love to know where he got the estimate of how much it costs to build a house, because i'm pretty sure that's not right. a decent kitchen alone would cost at least £5k, unless you're going to literally build it from scratch yourself!

P lus Matthew Lepley and Jules Smith built their house without seeking planning permission, which is kind of illegal... of course they're being asked to tear it down! I have no sympathy for them and trying to turn it into some kind of government conspiracy is kind of ridiculous.


Yahnishna Minkx Artist 14.03.2014 13:30

I cried tears reading this and it takes a lot for me to cry. On point and defiantly the truth every word.

Now what do I do?


Michael Cahill 12.03.2014 12:48

The nasty truth


Pamela Jones 12.03.2014 12:28

Dickens England has returned..

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