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UK taxpayers financing immoral, inefficient arms contracts and other Underground stories

20.12.2013 15:10

Well, what a week we’re having at Going Underground – wrapping up stories for Christmas and New Year that are really quite unlike anything on the main news outlets here in the UK.

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Paul Vonharnish 23.12.2013 13:08

This is just more of the same denial of the actual culprits. More blame on "government&quo t;, or the "UK", or whoever the author and propagandists wish to name.
No mention that human beings (civilians) perpetuate all the slaughter and stench. No mention that people keep producing generation after genertion of thugs, liars, murderers, extortionists, and mental defectives. No mention that this has been going on for over 2500 years. The same denial of guilt. The same willfull participation in the corruption. The same idiot children of immoral and demented human activity. All controlled by citizens just like you.


Sam 23.12.2013 12:30

UK is the worst nation on our planet!

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