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‘EU double standards in Ukraine absolutely outrageous’

09.12.2013 12:35

By supporting protesters in Ukraine while previously ignoring huge last year protests in Turkey and Spain, EU officials have revealed that for them some protesters are more equal than others, journalist Neil Clark told RT.

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Jose Contreras Ruiz 25.02.2014 15:16

These are what the European Union calls "Peaceful demonstrators". It is ridiculous to see what Europe has become, a nest of greedy enterprenurs without any ethics. Shame on the EU "officials" ;.
I really hope Crimea separates from Ukraine and that they receive the full support of Russia.
And please gringos refrain from playing your "World Police" roll.


Bill Tev 13.12.2013 02:47

A break up would lead the four Russian provinces in Eastern Ukr to cede for indepence. Ukr, would lose big in any break up or fight. Furthermore, earth tremors caused by fighting will crack open the chernobyl forcing every to abandon Ukraine and parts of Western Europe.


SerBrn 11.12.2013 01:11

Ukrainian opposition seems to be very naive if it thinks that "Democracy" ; is that of the kind imposed by those oligarchies that rule western countries, like IMF, WB, Wall Street, just to mention some.


Ivica Gorgievski 10.12.2013 14:33

Strategy of Colonization, they are using their usual strategy of colonization as they
have done with many nations in the past.

We Do Not Forget We Do Not Forgive, this time wall in Berlin will not be enough, there has to be walls in London, Paris, Washington...


Babeouf 10.12.2013 12:39

The German Chancellor backed by the US government is making a power grab in Ukraine. In the coming elections in Ukraine the Bavarian candidate is Mr Klitschko the famous Boxing Chump. The outcome of this contest with Russia is already clear signing the EU agreement will rapidly result in the formal partition of Ukraine. The line of partition will be decided in the usual manner by military force of arms.


Morningside 10.12.2013 11:42

Looking with google maps it is obvious the E.U attention for the Ukraine. Ones inside, given time, Belarus is next. With the same effective tools, learned in the cold war. Then comes the future. Liberating people East of the E.U border. The dream, a old one, Europe united. From the Atlantic to the Pacific. Then only will we see the face of the real Europe. The Maya, Bible, and Nostradamus where seeing or warning for.


marcus 10.12.2013 10:01

80percent of Ukraine would support going with Russia. these protesters are less than 1percent of the people. they represent the same criminals that broke up Yugoslavia and laced Serbia with depleted uranium. will nato bomb Ukraine now?


Alex Ikonomidis 10.12.2013 08:31

Ukranians will get ripped off as we finally gotten ourselves from the EU. It will take several years but it will happen for sure. Best regards from Athens Greece. The protesters are organized by foreign agents or they are foolish really.


Regula 10.12.2013 08:31

If they protested like that in the US, the police would have cleared the place under pretext of fire danger. If they build barricades, the US would have used force to evict them from any public place. Attacking the police with a bulldozer is not a peaceful demonstration.

The EU has nothing to mix itself into this dispute. It is internal to Ukraine. Russia offered the better deal. Ukraine is on the verge of default. The EU would leave Ukraine dependent on IMF loans - that means austerity, privatization of utilities, no more subsidies, about 40% higher heating bills in a country that can't even pay reduced bills.


R 10.12.2013 06:37

[quote name='Serge Ma' time='10.12.2013 05:42'] By any stretch of an honest imagination, the tragedy still falls short of genocide.
[/quot e]

Genocide ? Perhaps not. But that is a whole lot of suffering that was inflicted on these people.

It makes things even worse that Russia never apologized or acknowledged what they did...which itself implies they felt they were in the right.

if I was Ukrainian, I wouldn't trust a nation who were unapologetic for causing the deaths of millions of my countrymen.

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