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‘Hypocritical agenda’: EU has only austerity to offer Kiev

07.12.2013 01:07

Mass protests in the streets of Ukraine are being orchestrated and financed from the outside while EU politicians are encouraging the revolt serving their hypocritical agenda, geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

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Ukrtoday Ukraine 18.02.2014 12:35

Ukraine will NEVER be a free independent democratic state as long as it is beholden to Presidential rule.

The US shouold stay out of teh debate and leave discussions and negoitations to the EU and Ukraine

Aft er all it is the EU not the US that Ukraine is seeking a possible alliance

Th e EU should make it a considtion of any membership application that the state adopt a full parliamentary model of governance

Any proposal of membership would need to be put to a referndum of all exsisting EU member states and the Ukrainian people


Robert Beal 13.12.2013 11:09

How about the hypocrisy of US government decrying breaking up peaceful protests, given the history of Occupy encampments?


Walter Salmaniw 08.12.2013 16:45

So, Global warming is now western mass media propaganda and lies. Right. Ask any climate scientist, and he/she will beg to differ. I'm watching spilno-tv at the moment. Over a million people demonstrating in Kyiv. I'm sure every one of them has been paid and sponsored by the CIA. Again, what hogwash. Wishful thinking on your part (George). All I see is a grass root revolution. Just now, there pictures of the huge Lenin statue on the ground in pieces in Kyiv. About time. It's akin to allowing Hitler statues to still remain in Germany.


George W.Reichel 08.12.2013 15:06

I see CIA wrote large over these demonstrations and when I see Victoria Nuland over there cheerleading,I am sure of it.


James 08.12.2013 06:42

To Walter Salmaniw;

E verything you said in your comments is just parroting western mass media. I think by now everyone understands western mass media is only lies and propaganda.

The Eu couldn't save the tiny economy of Greece and there's no way there's any financial help available for Ukraine. The EU economies are nosediving!


Walter Salmaniw 08.12.2013 05:28

Who is William Engdhal, anyway? I checked wikipedia, and found the following: He believes that, "Global warming, is merely a "scare" and "thinly veiled attempt to misuse climate to argue for a new Malthusian reduction of living standards for the majority of the world...", and that the "2011 Egyptian Revolution was orchestrated by the Pentagon to facilitate Barack Obama's Middle East foreign policy..." What tripe! Make your own conclusion.


Walter Salmaniw 08.12.2013 03:53

What utter hogwash. No evidence that anyone is receiving a dime/Hryvna from anyone. On the contrary, the puny counter groups, goons dressed in sports clothing, openly admit to being paid 75 Hr for waving pro-Yanukovych/POR flags. The big difference between the Orange Revolution, is that this is a total grass roots movement, from the young Euro-centric youth of Ukraine who've had enough of Russian heavy handedness, and the extreme corruption of the country. No one is receiving a kopeck from any "foreign" bogeyman. Absolutely a typical Putin conspiracy theory.


Capucine Altier 07.12.2013 13:18

And I dont believe everything this guy said about the protests and so on. People are simply totally pissed off at their shitty government. Which in fact is nothing else but a mafia.


Batson D 07.12.2013 10:54

".... President Yanukovich is in China ... secured 8 billion dollar investment for Ukraine ..." The Chinese are making good use of their excessive US reserves while the US$ still has value. Russia might want to do the same before the Petrodollar ceases to be. In this age of technology, the current empire won't take 400 years to unravel, it'll be more like 400 nano-seconds.


richard ritt 07.12.2013 10:49

The demonstrations are about government corruption. Ukraine is ranked 144th in world out of about 170 nations. Most EU embers are ranked between 1 and 30.

If you wish to tie the demonstrations to economics then the meaningful argument would be from the perspective of corruption. Specifically, whether or not government corruption affects the lives of working class citizens.


Regula 07.12.2013 09:38

It is rather clear that the revolt in Ukraine was instigated from outside - the CIA likely - to get Ukraine to join Europe in time, which would allow the US to place its missile defense shield up to the border with Russia for its intention to encircle and destabilize Russia. That would of course also expose Ukraine to Russian defense - i.e. in a showdown, the bombs would be falling on Ukraine, not the EU.

I agree with the author that prosperity is east, not west although China's silk road revival, i.e. land route to the EU, will of course bring prosperity to the EU too. But that is a decade away.

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