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US help might see Syrian rebels form alternate govt

March 01, 2013 13:37

The long-term US funding of anti-government programs in Syria has raised questions about the types of groups being supported, and the benefits and arms supplied to militant groups; establishing political stability requires considered dialogue.

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Alexander WJ 25.03.2013 22:40

What? Why is your article titled 'us help might see syrian new government'? Isn't your point for the US to stay out?? And... yeah, there's no way the two sides are going to sit down for a real talk. There is a huge race issue here creating a wide gap between the leadership and the rebels. It would be like if the slaves started a violent revolt in the 1700s and asking the colonies to sit down with them and talk it out. (That's pretty much how they see each other)

Anonymous user 11.03.2013 16:47

@ Juan 16:16. Exactly. Let them kill themselves without US help. They have peaceful choice too.


juan peralta 03.03.2013 16:16

STOP USA , killing and robbery in others country's every day...

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