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US aims to overthrow all independent govts in the Middle East

September 02, 2013 20:09

The US is not “the cop of the world” and cannot “attack any country,” but it follows its key agenda of removing all independent governments in the Middle East, Richard Becker from ANSWER Coalition told RT.

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Bob 25.09.2013 19:59

Its about economy, energy, geo strategy, and political influence, But all this could be achieved peacefully without the death of thousands of innocent people in the M.E. had America not been controlled by the American Jewish community and the Zionist party. American internal politics has been subjugated to the will of the Jewish in favor off Israel and above all other. Until the People of the country liberate themselves, and that is no an easy task, than things will continue in this manner protecting Israel and its ambitions.


rogirl 05.09.2013 08:11

It is not really about Syria, its about a world economic battle of East versus West and the East is winning with China and Russia already taking 2nd and third top slots in the world economic ratings. Syria is the gateway to the East, it is oil rich and also holds an important geopolitical location. for gas pipelines. To take control of Syria would be very handy for the economically declining western countries but an absolute disaster for the economically progressive Eastern countries.


berliner 05.09.2013 07:33

and by what stretch of the imagination could the foreign backed assad regime be called independent?! russia pops it up because it has a naval base there, iran arms it,sends revolutionary guards to support it and generally tells it what to do and hisbollah fights assads battles for him-in syria against syrian citizens!! some independence


Warren Willetts 04.09.2013 09:21

come on people, the USA has more than enough oil and gas now the have discovered shale oil/gas will have excess energy to sell to the world making it independant of the east for energy. So why would they then attack a eastern country? World bank, they and they other arab countries are some of the last independant countries left who are debt free from the central banking system. once the rothchilds/rockfelle rs/morgans have control of them they can form a world bank and have total control. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. What if its set up by them to get USA to act, why don't the west hear assad's side?


Ed Camilo 04.09.2013 02:40

The battle between North Korea and the USA will put a stop to imperialism!


Richard Rathbun 04.09.2013 01:53

america was founded on takin stuff we are commin for ur stuff go USA!


Kenneth T. Tellis 03.09.2013 21:17

I believe that it is time that we the people of theREAL free world work to bring down the nation which has attempted to dominate the world by threats and cajolery, if not direct aggression the USA. We either do it now or do it later but we have no choice but to rid the world of this tyrannt once and for all.


penelope powell 03.09.2013 19:04

Important to remember WHO it is that wants to dominate this oil-rich region and all pipelines. The megacorporate-financ ier elite needs to go on using the US military to seize control for THEMSELVES, their oil companies. They already largely control the US govt, the media & the military. But their control is only 1/4 inch deep. For example, they control only the top level of military & the control depends on patriots continuing to fight other countries' patriots. When just a few more people understand what the gangsters are doing. . . .


Gerry Hiles 03.09.2013 13:40

PJ Butler 03.09.2013 12:44

Does Russia side with the Shiites or the Sunni? Best to side with the nitwit in the oval office then either of those two. They will eventually become Russia problem again if they don't. Putin is just spanking the nitwit for his arrogant.


Yo ur comment is absurd, Russia/Putin is just on the side of everyone who wants to avert WW3 ... besides it is your government which has fomented Shia, Sunni differences to divide and conquer.

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