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‘US wants to take S. Korea into new Korean War’

05.04.2013 16:13

The US is trying to embroil South Korea in conflict with its Northern neighbor in a bit to oust its current government without taking heavy US casualties, political writer and journalist Dan Glazebrook told RT.

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Johan Krüger Haglert 29.08.2014 01:18

Anonymous user 14.05.2013 00:00

Wow, if i didnt know better i'd think this guys a total commie who is spreading nonsense propaganda.



Anonymous user 14.05.2013 00:00

Wow, if i didnt know better i'd think this guys a total commie who is spreading nonsense propaganda.

Anonymous user 13.05.2013 18:09

Best for everyone, oust that draconian government and feed its people. help rebuild economy.

Anonymous user 16.04.2013 11:40

u ppl make out the jets from their behinds right dude, and more than these qualified ppl.??

Anonymous user 13.04.2013 05:01

This guy is so full of it. His views are so skewed. And the pic is of an F-16 landing, not an A-10

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 18:04

Korea was occupied by Japan for 35 years, I dont think they want anything to do with them.

Anonymous user 12.04.2013 17:40

another milion deaths bye the US

Anonymous user 11.04.2013 17:57

what USA wants that Isreal wants


nikolaikim 11.04.2013 04:18

The USA benefits from the ineffective bellicosity of the current regime? Why would they want to mess up such a good gig? Without North Korea and its fictional theater of hyperbolic Armageddon, the pacific pivot looks like the arrival of an occupying army instead of a police force.

Unificatio n of the peninsula naturally draws korea closer to china and Russia, and then bridges the Asian landmass to Japan with its ancient connection to Southeast Asia. The sense of cultural cohesion would begin to grow throughout this expansive region.

There are thus esoteric geopolitical reasons for the partition.

Anonymous user 10.04.2013 11:43

the photo is indeed an f-16, why say its some a-10 just to say ???

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 23:34

The Warthogs are on the ground not the one landing!

Anonymous user 09.04.2013 23:33

Im laughing at the fact that the aircraft pictured is an F-16 Fighting Falcon not an A-10 "warthog"

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