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The war on Iran begins…in Syria

28.08.2013 06:45

As the United States, along with its European and Israeli allies, prepares to launch yet another illegal war of aggression in the Middle East, the geopolitics of the US strategy could not be more apparent.

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Henauder Titzhoff 09.09.2013 19:55

"Could Washington actually believe that a war in Syria will actually benefit the US and its interests?"

What makes you think Washington cares about the US interests? Because I'm not so sure they do.


Dick Burns 03.09.2013 15:20

Because Israel (US and Allies) has been developed into such a powerful, snotty antagonist in the region (oil based), it's a stretch of the imagination to think peace is possible short of military conflict.


Jojo Deinla Cantonjos 01.09.2013 03:31

As I understand it, if Russia will continue its weak stand against US then all nations of the world is at US mercy. Who will help them to defend their cause and rights?


Dion 31.08.2013 21:00

Loool! The Americans invade as and when they please......Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq........the CIA catalyzes civil wars and pokes its nose in practically every significant territory in the world and Iran, China & Russia are the threats??? Thank God most readers here don't have the intellectual level or lack thereof of the average American else we'd have bought into such bull!


Steven Severn 31.08.2013 20:06

So, will Russia and China take any steps to intervene and prevent the arrogant warmongering Americans from illegally attacking Syria? Or will they take their usual weak and spineless path of appeasement and inaction?


Mervyn Cole 31.08.2013 13:04

It is not the West which is the greatest danger to world peace, it is radical islam backed by lunatics in Iran who are hoping for a nuclear conflagration so some shia prophet will return triumphant. For reasons of capitalist expedience the ex-socialists in Russia and China are giving Assad a lifeline. Iran, China and Russia are the real trouble makers, not America.


Lahcen Oizaz 31.08.2013 07:18

anastacio castro 29.08.2013 08:30

new world order - being constructed


nor new nor world nor order
without consent through just information no sustainability


Agha Iqtidar Hussain 30.08.2013 21:13

A perspective ......


paul paul 30.08.2013 08:06

David Duffey 29.08.2013 14:24

sorry Syria. u.s. got to show Russia and china how tough we are. don't take it personal.


USA is not very tough.
Usually known for bombing innocent people in military weak and poor countries.


paul paul 30.08.2013 08:04

Patrick PH Huang 30.08.2013 06:31

If you reference the zodiac, the US Empire directly reflects the prehistoric Roman Empire, with events differing only by a few days. This includes the recent World Wars, with the 3 Punic Wars during Roman times. Until humanity learns it's lessons, we are locked into a repeat of history. These cross sectional studies are compiled into a book called the Synchronicity Key.


Funny, I heard that on Coast2CoastAM a day or 2 ago.


Kenneth T. Tellis 30.08.2013 02:08

There is longer any question that so-called attack on Syria is really a feint to draw Iran into direct conflict with the U.S. But as always the best laid plans of men and mice go awry and Obama's career as president will end with a wimper. Because he as president is now really out of his league, if Russians and Chinese join the fray.


Tim Woody 29.08.2013 16:32

@Diego - don't be so bull headed. Are you an American? Do you think Obamas cabinet polled for approval before they started in on this war? Pff they didn't even wait on the UN, which, isn't that why it was set up? Americans here run the gamut of their patriotism. Apparently what you see on TV being the most radical Americans just like what we see on the news are the most radical militants. If you were to actually talk to Americans you'd see that we're tired from the last war that "we" started and the last thing we want is our government interjecting into affairs that's not ours


Joseph Carl Ruger 29.08.2013 15:40

I get the feeling that the powers that be, bankers mostly, are very excited right about now. Their plans are coming to fruition. More money spent on war, more destabilization in the middle east and the prospect of a one world government closer to becoming a reality.


Diego Cr 29.08.2013 14:38

Once again U.S, the biggest bully on the planet wants to start another war. They are not showing how tough they are, yet they show the world class murderers they are. Wars based on lies and false flags and stupid Americans showing how proud they are of their government, while the rest of the planet watch through your lies and deception, the real ignorant, naive and easy to manipulate population you are....way too proud Americans, too proud to see or understand what's really going on.

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