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​Sen. McCain, interventionism's ‘Energizer Bunny’

16.12.2013 09:02

If there are US-backed groups anywhere seeking the overthrow of their government, you will find John McCain in their midst. He is the Energizer Bunny of interventionism.

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Willy Dakota 06.05.2014 08:22

Big thanks to Sen McCain from Kiev's "88s" we new you would come thru for us man.Neo Nazi's Rule the Ukraine Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!.


Mr. Deaver 06.05.2014 07:06

little ninjai 20.12.2013 03:11

I wander - is the mainstream media (northwest europe)afraid of mccain, do they consider him insignificant, or simply dont want to know? Any suggestions?


Have you ever thought that Obama as President was a good thing? No? Well, just think what the world (and the US) would be like if McCain had won the presidency in 2008.


Anuva 06.05.2014 03:34

so when are americans going to eliminate these war criminals ???


Cobalt 06.05.2014 02:38

Blood of innocent people is on hands of that fool McCain.


AZ WI 29.12.2013 02:25

Can one expect anything less out of John McCain? McCain is the world's leading warmonger, He should be charged and tried as a terrorist himself. for his world wide tour trying to insight numerous wars. John McCain is a bitter, old frustrated, dangerous warmongering madman


Jean-Claude Meslin 20.12.2013 13:50

Mac Cain should have been executed, after having bomb and killed so many Vietnamese. Then back to his criminal state, he made himself a hero; telling stories, never confirmed by his guardians. Having such a big mouth helped him to reach the top in America. Nevertheless, other countries are not obliged to let that sick man throw his venom at their face from their own soil. Why don't they just forbade him from coming and most of all don't give him the tribune to promote his ill manners..What do you think will happen if a Russian citizen will go to America and act like that Mac-Cain ?.


virgis 19.12.2013 21:52

hi, time invite me.i can tell you many more and more realistic stories about EU.dont listen to that old geezer want to turn you into slaves


truthseeker 18.12.2013 18:16

Haha... that little chap looks like he has some blood pressure issues..

Keep up with the intervening Senator Mccain, the best thing you can do for the world is drop dead from bursting a vessel in that little head of yours


Mischa Blue 18.12.2013 14:09

they're already here, mate. chevron's here, and other big ones. problem is they're all in partnership.


Tessa 18.12.2013 13:17

Mc Shame is the perfect example of why many people think the elections have been rigged for some time now. How else can you explain him Fienstien, Reid and the other sociopath war mongers running a muck year after year while the country goes down the toilet. I am very glad you pointed out the hypocritical as usual American government arresting it's own protesters, or what the reaction would be if another world leader where to do that here. This has CIA fingerprints all over it, one of their favorite past times is to topple legitimate leaders. These clowns and POTUS are not really running the show, SO WHO IS?


Bruce Lee 17.12.2013 22:29

It's simple really. America has become a nation represented by Zionist psychopaths like McNutcase. Red-necks run wild!

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