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Who’s the biggest spy? US and UK changing masks 

06.11.2013 14:40

As the Snowden-related disclosures continue to flow, each new one refuting the last dissembling statements of the desperate spies, diplomats around the world must be cursing the overweening ambitions of the NSA and its vassals. 

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mergon 12.12.2013 11:44

Snowy i like your insurance policy keep it coming !


mergon 12.12.2013 11:41

Write about drone applications = press post and it freezes ,


mergon 12.12.2013 11:13

Why does C.A.N vehicle emission system transmit its signals 50ft ?

Why do we have a digital road sign system ?

Why do we have digital litter bins ?


mergon 12.12.2013 10:20

look to the past to get an idea of the future ,well someone once said , the Russians back in the early 60s [Krugers / perfumo ] used a SW high speed burst transmitter to avoid detection .
1970s ,BT as then sold a tele comms system to Tehran ,every call could be tracked and recorded right down to a street phone ,a lot of people died when that went on line .
1970s a fax based computer system was bought in from china rebadged and sold to governmenr /banks /big business ,it sent a clone of every fax to another number ,
how far do you think they got from those days !


mergon 12.12.2013 10:07

the worlds systems have just about reached POINT BREAK ,money is running thin the EU is broke ,world resources and markets are the name of the game ,invent a cheap source of power and they will crush you , the governments make the rules they have laws and rules that you cant get through ,cheap power or heat for the public is not on the agenda ,they want the captive markets and the money !


Truth Man 07.11.2013 07:09

We must note the identity of those asking the questions and record exactly what those questions are. Body language and tone of voice are part of this.
Then we carry out a relentless campaign of open letters addressed to these people. We outline briefly the questions WE want asked. For example.. "What is the average particle size of the WTC debris on the Fresh Kills Landfill on Staten Island? Does this indicate extraordinary demolition? Is the 'War on Terror' a disgusting criminal fraud? How do you justify your activities?"


j.innes 07.11.2013 06:36

Clearly we could see how this was going to hit all the poodle dogs just by the way they were frothing. However the idea of how this intergrates with the transfer of wealth as well as dishing people up to each other's governments in order to justify their own expense needs to be weighed by the actual cases they have found and put together. The idea our own government would have another spy on us or our families is a human rights violation. It has a chilling effect on speech and free exchange of ideas. Certain topics may become problmatic. Also their hastack is not secure and that can cause damage and harm to people.


James Edward Dal Cerro 07.11.2013 02:55

Yes, its very possible, but then when they do not want you too patent or build your renewable electrical energy power plants for the world, they stop all your cash flow. Done deal, and yes I had it done to me, any help from friends are wanted, as I tried to make, it frozen up, my word press my all just stopped working, banners, and still they have not worked, but scrgooled offer was so sick, I almost killed my self.


Agnes Maria 06.11.2013 19:54

Ooh, a biting piece. Nicely written.

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