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West should drop 'inconsistent approach' to terrorism after Volgograd bombings

30.12.2013 12:09

Attacks in Russia must be considered as serious as those in London and New York, and they require an international response since many countries in the world could be threatened, Neil Clark, journalist and broadcaster, told RT.

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Aaron Garton 31.12.2013 03:13

Ivan88 30.12.2013 21:17

"The West" is not inconsistent regarding terrorism. They used it against Native Americans, China, Japan, Germany, Vietnam, Iraq etc. They used it to destroy Libya and are currently using it in Syria and Lebanon.


Ivan, have you been sipping some good old American LSD-laced Kool-aide? The U.S. has NEVER supported terrorism. NEVER. I know what you are suggesting by the references to these countries, but if you are to use the word so freely, RUSSIA supported terrorism when it goose-stepped into Eastern Europe.


Samuel von Staunton 30.12.2013 16:52

Hope and Truth 30.12.2013 16:34

I believe that it is the small minority in Muslims that are the same minority in the wast call it in Muslims ''Wahabis'' and in the west ''zionists'' these two should be stopped and I think all the world should unite together for this...

I hope that Russia has understood that they should not stand still and not stand alone... they should unite with their allies and move to crunch terrorism...


If, by "crunch terrorism," you mean declare war on Saudi Arabia, then yes, I agree with you.


Samuel von Staunton 30.12.2013 16:49

giggleherz 30.12.2013 16:34

I am not in the US or Russia but from what I can tell it looks like the US cant tell or at the very least cant keep up with who is the enemy.


Ye s it can. From the details of its acts, ranging from unprovoked wars of aggression with no real prospect of gain to the scale of the NSA surveillance to the hypocritical policies discussed by the author, it can be concluded that the U.S. government considers everyone in the world, including its own citizens, to be its enemy. That is extremely easy for it to remember.


Matt Gagnon 30.12.2013 15:59

To say that the West would back these extremists even remotely is completely madness. To know how these groups operates by infiltration and get them before reaching a bus or a train station is the job of the Intelligence services. They are focusing way too much on Sochi and not enough on other parts of Russia.


Didnot TELL 30.12.2013 15:56

[quote name='Paul Desmond'[/quote]
SPOT ON Paul - and to Neil as well..!
The western world is rapidly being destroyed by this dangerous ideology called Islam..! And mind you - that IS the ultimate goal..!
We rightfully should help our friends in Russia - always..!
My condolences to the families who lost dear ones in those despicable attacks..


paradigmrespawn 30.12.2013 15:45

Fake Left - LGBT Links to Al Qaeda - Mutual Admiration Society


Yasuyuki Tateishi 30.12.2013 15:29

Problems are that the West appeases terrorists, if they cause terrorisms against Russia, Syria, Sudan, etc. As Prof. Cohen of NY University said many times, cold war is here. There is a high possibility that Saudi, even some sections of the US might have contributed the terrorist acts, either directly or indirectly. President Putin is hated by the US administration, the UK, France, Germany, reactionary arab states.


Amir Iftikhar Warraich 30.12.2013 14:22

Condolence to all fellow Russians.

Most probably these attacks are product of the Wahhabi-CIA backed militants with links to Al-Qaeda. The same are causing mayhem in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria!


wenzel dehn 30.12.2013 14:06

Mr Clark conveniently omits the fact Mr Assad is the one committing terrorist acts in Syria. Mr. Clark also seems to forget the Russian history of using terrorists for their own ends.


Paul Desmond 30.12.2013 13:54

Islam is the common e world should unite to crush and outlaw anything to do with this cult..........i include ALL Muslims in this even the so called "moderate" ones...ship them out and back/to an Islamic country...they have NO PLACE amongst us. Britain should hang it's head in shame at letting so called "British Muslims" go and fight in syria etc. laughing stock of the world!!!!!


Pete Wagner 30.12.2013 13:44

Good luck in getting greedy zionists to see the illogic of their inconsistencies.


c holland 30.12.2013 13:27

there's a major difference here. the attacks on london, madrid and new york, etc., were by international groups. the attacks in russia are coming from internal enemies.
and, boy, you have to think, putin has this coming. he's used the chechens to gain power; now maybe the chechens will usher him out.

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