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Washington plays Russian roulette with missile defense

26.12.2013 14:29

​In his recent annual meeting with the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin replied to a question about the rumored placement of Russian Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad on Poland’s doorstep.

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Pablo Fernandez 21.04.2014 22:36

Jorli, do you realize that half of the U.S.'s territory was Stolen from Mexico?


Jorli Perine 03.03.2014 14:39

The article was very informative and interesting, until near the end when the author's assertions were that the US was interested in a 'first strike'. In the entire history of the US, we have not been known to 'take over' countries, nor strive for land dominance. We have reacted defensively to others who have had the quest for power. Poland and Czechoslavakia are considered allies of the US, and wanted security and protection from a future Russian invasion (now taking over the Ukraine). Correct me if I am wrong.


Bob Bernaki 05.02.2014 14:05

If you hate Poland so much why don't you come here and start you personal war agains Poles? why you send russia to do it? is it because you are a little coward? a little noisy dog barking on the other side of the fances? If it comes to woman russian girls are leaving your country. There is no future for them and they children. A russian man is nothing for russian woman but a dirty degenerat who smells either like a vodka or diesel fuel or both at the same time. The most beautifull russian woman are choosing weston man. You will find a lot beautifull russian woman in Poland as well.


Matthew Wadsworth 30.12.2013 22:16

Obama looks like a robot in that picture.


suricaten 30.12.2013 18:09

@Rob Fleck, it seems that you think that you outsmart everybody else, and the fact that you put in some soundless laughs too; (thank's for it being soundless)! But you should climb down from your high horse, and realize that you don't have clue whats going to happen in the future! So continue with your lol"lypops! And try to get back on yur feet!


Archyski 30.12.2013 15:53

Russia just don't wanna be in an american checkmate, you can't blame them for that. No matter wich "enemy" US are talking about.

If Russia talked about the "threat" from Mexico and were to set up Missile defense in Cuba and near the border of Alaska, then we all can figure out how the americans would respond.


Milan Bilek 29.12.2013 15:58

@Shawn Gremminger, Sleep tight in your Disneydream, that have you convinced of those patriots superiority!
If you remember or have heard of the war in the M.E. Then Saddam Hussein sent Scud missiles against Israel, then Israel got the patriots from the US, they manged to hit some of them, but then Saddam H.'s military just turned the engines on the Scuds of, before their trajectory reached Israel, so the patriots no longer could be guided by the heath from their engines! It worked!


Milan Bilek 28.12.2013 20:29

@NNN1147, The evil one thatyou mention, does'nt bother to try to trick us with talking partly the truth, but in those truth's there was hidden big lies! Now he is so selfconfident that lies isn't nessasary anymore! But you are exposed now "belsebub" and we will tie you up with debt!
And another currency!


Muslim Latif Bhutto 28.12.2013 20:20

it has been a fact from 20th centuary that US has started every wars for their gaining interests they dont give a dam about peoples about countries about any thing at all its a so called bunch of pplz who wants to rule every inch of this earth and make every person their slave they are not preventing wars of terrors they are provoking them one by one they have cleared all their path removing every obstacle that came in their way now russia and china are in there action so they are attempting these bully actions in europe just to have a bloody nuclear war may GOD bless us and protect us from their evilish massacre


Milan Bilek 28.12.2013 14:58

What are you waiting for Russia? It's too late when the whole AMD systems and commandposts are in place in Europe! This has beeing goingon in an icreasing speed from the US side, So theyhave allready started an arms race against you, so go on and hurry, to counter this! Because it is allready posing a treath to Russia! And no one else! Forget Iran or N.Korea, they have never been in any position to be any treath to anybody in Europe or elsewhere, knowing that would be suicide!


Orbiter 28.12.2013 12:20

RockyFjord 28.12.2013 09:10

Does anyone understand the American collective psyche -- what their motivations for their actions are?
they seem to be habituated in such a way that they are unable to deal with others as equals? They seem always to want to dominate or feel superior to others.


Any nation that possesses a technological advantage and a few power-hungry leader wannabes ultimately becomes an aggressor. They try to exploit their advantage before parity is restored. The collapse of the Soviet Union destroyed parity on the world stage, and now we are seeing it's gradual restoration.


James 28.12.2013 07:44

Let's not forget that Israel recently attacked defensive weapons in Syria without warning and the US supported the mission. The Israeli and American justification was that defensive weapons in Syria presented a threat to Israel and this legitimized a preemptive attack.

Wil l America voice the same approval of preemptive attacks against American "defensive" ; weapons in Europe if Russia chooses to apply the same principle against a defensive buildup surrounding Russia?

Probably American hypocracy will rear it's ugly head if this should happen.


Douglas Dewar 28.12.2013 01:40

It is difficult to grasp how the installation of Patriots in eastern europe makes the world safer. Perhaps the states bordering Russia will be more closely tied to the west after the arms go in. The Americans and Russians will not go to war. Only losers to that war as the top military people on each side know. It was the top scientists from east and west explaining nuclear winter to the politicians and diplomats which ended the threat of first strike mutually assured destruction. They may not like each other but they know that they must share this planet in peace.


Stanley Laham 27.12.2013 22:02

Кэрол 27.12.2013 12:37

Russia should move missiles back into CUBA! Then obmama would get the picture!


But would Cuba agree after the great disappointment of 1961? Khrushchev could not muster the political will to call Kennedy's bluff. The idea that Russia could place than withdraw such missiles when convenient would leave Cuba with its pans down. Russia even abandoned its vast listening post at Lourdes that could monitor all forms of communications available to the Pentagon inside the US.

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