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​Idea of sanctions against Russia ‘absurd’

13.03.2014 01:19

Imposing sanctions on Russia is an act of war and will not serve its purpose, Ron Paul Institute's Daniel McAdams told RT. The Ukrainian stalemate can only be resolved by returning to February 21 agreement between Yanukovich and the opposition.

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My View 06.05.2014 09:15

This Yat the rat certainly stands up to his name. Every time he speaks, lies spew from his head. He certainly is a US owned rat.


Brian Tomlinson 18.03.2014 18:49

What a tragedy the US is so stupid . Outside of Ron Paul , I don't hear a single intelligent remark coming from the US administration. I am in Moscow , you should see the depth of feeling and total support for President Putin . That includes me . I have lived in the East since 1978 . First in Poland from 78 -83 . Donald Tusk is the warmonger driving for NATO to expand . I see Lvov and Western Ukraine going to Poland and Eastern Ukraine the other way . BUT- the present push buy NATO is madness in the extreme


Mahendra Sharma 13.03.2014 14:30

The moot issue is who would prevail in enforcing the feb 21st agreement. The Mavericks ( US / NATO) like to project as if the International Laws do not apply to them & that they are the ordained ( self ) enforcer (with suiting modifications if you please) of the same. A good ways to start would be with UNSC expansion, moving the UN HQ. out from US to UAE / Afghanistan moving most of the key UN agencies to either Africa or Latin American countries. BRICS can become a median in giving the World an alternate currency to dollar / euro, thereby creating a level paying field. Is BRICS mature enough for an adventure?


Andrej Kulikov 13.03.2014 10:31

There is another example for the Crimeans vote first, for independence and second became an overseas department:

Mayotte became an overseas department of France in March 2011 in consequence of a 29 March 2009 referendum.[7] (see wiki).

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