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​Journalistic malpractice & the dangers of Russia-bashing

09.02.2014 15:00

Sochi on my mind: It is hard to think of an issue more politicized in Western media than the topic of Russia. It is commonplace to hear, read, and watch media reports claiming the worst possible things about Russia and Russians. 

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carel boshoff 30.07.2014 19:39

As far as Africa goes, join the party.
Sorry to say: The American government has already been here.
"Divi de and rule' principals are being inplemented and they run off with the booty. Oil,diamonds enriched uranium.They install puppet regimes controlled by surrogate friends.What a shame !


maximus zeebra 06.03.2014 14:17

Thanks Peter. This is a good assessment. I also agree with Mylon Hankoli that we need more focus on Africa on RT.

Western media also tends to paint a one sided picture of Africa unfortunately.


Prince Quirious 24.02.2014 21:24

I completely agree with this.
I've kept a close eye on this for as far back as I can remember. Not the Olypmics, every news headline here was just about scare mongering. It all started by saying Russia is anti-gay and that gays are not going to be safe in Russia. Then there was the opportunity to bash Russia after the terrorist attack, even when the Russians assured the world of safety at Sochi. Then there were all the articles written as the athletes arrives saying facilities were not ready, and that security personnel were unfriendly. I mean, when will the west call off the search and see Russia's importance?


Srbija bre 23.02.2014 18:09

Excellent piece, Mr Lavelle, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Mylon Hankoli 23.02.2014 15:39

Peter Lavelle you have a BIG fan in Zambia. Please try to give monthly programming to Multichoice Africa so that we follow your programmes properly on RT unlike now where we get these programmes accidentally. I miss Al Gurnov's interview programme and I do not know if this programme is still running or nolonger running.


lolo 17.02.2014 10:54

The western states are so jealous of Putin it's not even funny. He has everything, and now he is even hosting the best Winter Olympic games ever. They live on debt and lies and he has an abundance of wealth and is a true hero. They know all of this and it makes them sick


Snorkle 13.02.2014 05:38

Mr. Lavelle, I am a big fan of your show Crosstalk.

"The denigration of the Sochi Games was to be expected. Cheap shots, lazy reporting and maniacal commentary are a form of entertainment served up by Western mainstream media."

Absolutely. All the US mainstream media serves up nowadays is propaganda, especially if it advances the interests of the ruling class elites who have close connections with the owners of the major media conglomerates. Really, most news pieces are ideological propaganda, be it a false dichotomy of republican v. democrat or the vilification of a country that does not kowtow to US wishes.


Dmitry 12.02.2014 00:31

Well, this is true.


Jonathan McCarthy 11.02.2014 13:05

I totally agree with you Peter! I've been saying it to pretty much anyone I know since I learned to see behind the media's veil of deceit.

And yes, this is a show of might from Vladimir.. it is always about politics and power and the Russians have every right to use the Olympics for those reasons.


Enrique 11.02.2014 11:31

The Anglo-American media repeats so much that Vladimir Putin is an evil dictator on a pair with Stalin, and that Russia is a Dictatorship ready to invade Europe, that it has become ridiculous.

The cause of that propaganda is the autonomy of Russian Foreing Policy, above all related to israel, Iran and Ukraine. We know that when a European politicians needs to be accepted (for example Fini) he/she has to travel to Tel Aviv and receive the approval. If so, "Western" media gives him a green card and becomes a mainstream politician. Detaching Ukraine from Russia is just a way to make Russia more dependent on Europe.

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