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Endless war to mass surveillance: The White House effect

03.07.2013 09:01

President Obama defended the spying scandal on his tour of Africa, and was joined by predecessor George W Bush, which highlighted how similar they have become by forgetting campaign promises while occupying the White House.

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Claudia 12.08.2014 09:37

There is no free world, it is the governments against their population's. There is only one way to get our freedoms and safety back, and that is where Human Rights should had protect us from.

We couldnt imagion how right mr. Putin was in 2006 in Munich when he stated that the OSCE had failed totally, that NGO's where corrupted. But now we see how right he was.


Gobberz 04.07.2014 14:33

The founding fathers of the US would be spinning in their graves and, George III is probably laughing hard at the what America has become.


mergon 22.01.2014 11:09

Do you remember words like the FREE WORLD !
Those people who got the thousands to fight and or give the lives for a FREE WORLD turned out to be corporations or linked to corporations ,and just what is ment by FREE , free to do what ? as it turns out free to just about anything they want after all its the government who start these wars but its corporations who clean up afterwards and come home with the profits ,we are not free ,they spy on us they profile us for either financial or other more sinister reasons !


mergon 22.01.2014 10:41

Know what even if no one voted for any of them it would not make any difference they would always find a way to be in control and to keep spending tax dollars on their world domination club ,look around you look at the words cut and austerity look at the EU its falling apart ,look at America its no different the poor are getting bled to death while the rich and the corporations are creaming it in ,you give them your tax $ and they give you a Mad Max society ! now they spent the tax revenues they just keep printing more money to keep up with the greed and the need to protect that greed !


mergon 22.01.2014 10:21

1960s was make love not war , 1970s on there are millions more people in the world ,countries are chasing down resources to secure their share using technology such as planet scanner satellites to seek out gas oil water and minerals in other countries and then start or fund wars for the commercial gain .to do this they need a total recall system to target certain individual,s in key positions everybody has skeletons in the cupboard or a weakness for something total recall makes the most of the information and when they have the profile they get to work on it !


Kenneth T. Tellis 19.10.2013 17:34

While the whole world dithers, the plot to take it over is still advancing in order to reach its set goals. We in the FREE WORLD must therefore begin to plan a counter move in order to upset their apple-cart.


Stephen Bliss 19.08.2013 17:41

The people are awakening at a rapid rate which must be alarming to them. It's the beginning of a worldwide concisousness shift. They must have some evil plan up their sleeve or know that something is around the corner. Why would they have millions of caskets spread throughout the united states and be instructing private companies to built more and more chrematoriums? have you noticed a new chrematorium being built or pop up near where you live in recent years?

Plea se do your own research, Also YouTube:

Wa ke up 2013 Agenda 21 & WW3
The American Dream Cartoon
When will the economy collapse


Stephen Bliss 19.08.2013 16:42

They're all puppets anyway. The Worlds Ellite (no names mentioned) have a hold of the strings. They've aquired all the wealth in the world got bored and thought...'Now what?'... and like a spoilt little evil child they've decided to play God. Similar to how the evil child would tourcher ants on a summers day with a magnifying glass.

Mons anto - Play with food and aminals
Fed Reserve - Control the money
Government s and Law enforcment - Control the people

Keep them ill & dumb but well enough to work & pay taxes. Now theres too many people. let's up the chemicals in foods hence the reason now 1in3 of us will get cancer.


Kenneth T. Tellis 16.08.2013 12:33

America's journey from Mainfest Dwstiny to Manifest Stupidity must be the joke of the 21st century. The U.S. is in more trouble taday than throughout its history and it cannot blame any other country for its actions. The fates have destined that the America of yesteryear is no more.


WorkTogether 11.08.2013 23:59

All people should prepare for some grave event which world leaders have knowledge of. People in the know are waiting for an announcement which should have been forthcoming over a year ago. There was never any wisdom behind delaying it. It was selfish beyond the pale. Obama is aware that Snowden knows about this and clearly he is in an almighty panick about it. Obama can no longer hurt Snowden, but he must still remain extremely cautious for his own safety. Those he trusts have all his revelations & can give it to the World. Whose going to do it first?? The POTUS or Wikileaks?


WorkTogether 11.08.2013 23:41

RT & a few alternative media sources are the only uncompromised news channels people feel they can trust today. MSM twists stories to suit their paymasters, while independent, honest journalists are not only threatened, they are killed for trying to keep the world an honest place, where every human being is given a fair chance to live a reasonable life. Edward Snowden & Bradley Manning protected both the US & the World, yet Obama calls them traitors! Why? Has US top brass lost it completely? People are losing patience & politicians lying to their elect will soon find themselves in the gutter where they belong.


WorkTogether 11.08.2013 23:28

We are still being led up the garden path here. It is a matter of "Liar, liar, your pants' on fire!" Many things going on behind the scenes is hidden from public view. Presidents' dishonesty are intolerable & nobody trusts leaders as they did. 9/11 changed that forever. Obama had brought hope for a New Beginning. People had trusted him but he abused their trust completely & in showing no respect for their intellect he is underestimating them. Americans in heaps revile him today. They are embarrassed & bitter about Obama's insensitivity, arrogance & lies upon lies. He let America down & should resign or be fired.

Anonymous user 23.07.2013 16:04

Obama didn't change. He was always a far-right surveillance statist. He just lied to get elected.


edmond dante 08.07.2013 20:37

America has a shadow government we only see the puppets that use teleprompters and act for the camera in truth they have no power at all if any of them tried to audit the federal reserve of close it they would be dead within a week, Obama cant close gitmo his masters wont allow him, Obama is a war criminal and should be arrested if he steps out of the USA an international arrest warrant needs to be issued immediatly for his detention and charges before a grand jury for crimes against humanity and war crimes and mass muder with his drone wars against harmless civilians.


Chrissy Cunningham 07.07.2013 06:24

America is not doing well at all. Once the idea of the "American dream" was enough to keep us enslaved and quiet although I have woken up and many are in the process of it.

The moment a revolution breaks out here in the US I will be there protesting against the inequality in America and the thiefs and liars in our governement. Shame on America for their repeated greed and selfishness. America is not number one... I should know I live here.


James Peret 05.07.2013 21:03

menudos chakurras


James Peret 05.07.2013 20:29

they eeuu will dissapear the same that romans


Pedro Sanchez 05.07.2013 09:21

Sorry to say but US. Is afecting the relations on Central and South America Abastisimintos of grain resources, no sanctions of free trade will afect the Grand ORCA South food supplies, there is a potencial mistake by our Lidership on USA, sorry Obama , there is a loophole where we can sink deep, on Natural resources, You can not limet South America trade Comerce Businesses. We must consume every resource of goods to our Nation, can't inpouse materilistics issues against food supplies.

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