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Why the WHO report on congenital anomalies in Iraq is a disgrace

27.09.2013 22:41

The recently published World Health Organization report on its study of congenital birth anomalies in Iraq is nothing short of a disgrace.

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Salam Alhelali 29.09.2013 16:59

They killed the people of Iraq with depleted uranium and caused cancer and birth defects, but no one cares


Ray Songtree 29.09.2013 12:35

WHO changed definition of pandemic in 2009 so that swine flu could be international "emergency" ;. Mortality w

CDC created numbers from thin air. See CBS Sharyl Attkinson search

800 people never died in Mexico City showing international conspiracy using Mexico controlled media.

Do search globalresearch dot ca ...

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly to Investigate WHO and “Pandemic” Scandal


marcus 28.09.2013 06:00

Don't you know that the WHO is part of the American plan to depopulate the earth? They are not independent, they are owned by washington. Lying has become so much apart of the american establishment, they don't know when they are doing it!


Syed A. Ali 28.09.2013 05:30

Bush should be tried in International Criminal Court for his war crimes in Iraq. Plenty of DU were used there by so called leader of human right. Hundred and thousands of people including women and children were killed and many more are being killed on daily basis. Millions of people of Iraq including children are paying the price of USA inhumane act. Who will come forward to deliver the justice to those innocent people of Iraq ???

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