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​Will NATO annex Ukraine?

24.02.2014 08:22

Anyone who believes Washington is deeply enamored of ‘democracy’ in Ukraine must hit eBay, where Saddam Hussein’s WMDs have been found, and are on sale to the highest bidder.

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Eduardo 29.03.2014 05:57

Same in Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Ukraine... The Oil Lords - controlled government in washington is desperate to invide the whole world. There are 42 mil. jobless , homeless people in USA, but the Oil Lords-controlled government spends bilions on changing regimes and inviding countries round the world. YOU will FAIL , People in America will take over coutry from your dirty World-Grab-Hands. Freedom to America !


Nikolay Ilychyov 13.03.2014 08:21

Americans, give back Alaska to Russia. Your govt stole it!


Nikolay Ilychyov 13.03.2014 08:14

Chris Makey 13.03.2014 03:14

Crimea. ENJOY your prison in Russia. Suckers


the tactics of "friendly people" have demonstrated their effectiveness. We need all of Ukraine, they will vote themselves for a prison in Russia.
And after that will vote EU states and US states for our prison. We have many many prisons for every man at Earth.

Bloo dy russian.


Anglusmeric Dominics 11.03.2014 17:23

It's clear now, my friends are coming, and they are getting closer! Russia is in trouble! And they know it! When Russians and brothers start killing each other, the jackals will be laughing from far away, watching. Russia now has very few options, it’s cornered despite its strength. Russia will have to choose between leaving its democratic ‘westernized’ new image and its survival. Russia gave too much of its comfortable buffer zone before. Ukraine is already way too can see how this will unfold at some point later. The sharks can taste blood in the water and they are getting closer…


Alex 11.03.2014 10:19

Neocon dictatorate and their European allieds playing with fire since a long time.But after Ukraine conspiracy ''NO WAY '' Game ended by glory Russia again once more.


Junaid Ahmed 05.03.2014 19:13

United States wants Ukraine in NATO to complete encirclement of Russia. Russia is fighting back. Its move in Crimea is purely defensive.

If Ukraine goes (joins NATO) Russia will be in deep trouble. It will be an existential threat to Russia.


Steven Severn 27.02.2014 11:42

The EU/US/NATO do not need to annexe Ukraine. Their Ukrainian collaborators will willingly steer Ukraine into the clutches of the West against the interests of the Ukrainian people. It's Russia that is being forced by Western machinations into facing the possibility of needing to annexe Ukraine, or at least the Crimean part, to retain its naval base.

The West is determined to provoke a response from Russia that can be used as a justification for conflict, and begin a subsequent cold war, with Russia.

If not achieved using Ukraine, the West will use another nation.


DS 27.02.2014 04:21

Jean nuclear missiles are so...20th century. Mass drivers eained down from space is the future. Russia must develop this using their best rocket technology because lasers and even nuclear missiles wont stop a quater- mile wide asteroid pushed to 60,000mph.


DS 27.02.2014 04:17

I wonder if any of those who mocked Putins comment about the fall of the Soviet Union being the greatest geopolitical disaster in 20th century for Russia have finally caught up with Putins far-thinking vision? Few realize the extent of Amero -british lies and deception. Even Diablo himself must have caught his breath in admiration at his well-trained hellions.


Enrique 26.02.2014 20:54

It is evident that NATO will annex Ukraine and we will see U.S. nuclear missiles in Kiev heading towards Moscow...


Socrates 26.02.2014 16:59

Will NATO annex Ukraine? Absolutely. The old European dream., to conquer Russia. Napoleon, Hitler tried, now Nato and the US. Tomorrow, military Nato base in Ukraine unless Russia says, enough is enough. And that, my friend could be the dream comes through: a nuclear war. Well done, stupid politicians.


matthew harding 26.02.2014 16:32

NATO would say yes please. Poland and other Eastern block countries joined, but that was a different situation. At the time Russia was suffering from a collapsed economy and communism had failed utterly, they are also quite different ethnic groups and different geographically. Ukraine is closer ethnic, geographically and Russia now offers a functioning system and economy. Even though GDP per head is approx $15K, if it were more like $30-60K Ukrainians would never give EU or NATO a second look. It's all about the money.


seb o 26.02.2014 15:57

Joe Blow 25.02.2014 03:02

We don't hate Russia, we pity it. In the minds of most, Russia is a feudal land forever doomed to be ruled by brutal strongmen. Russians in vast numbers have migrated west. The West, for all its many faults, offers the world far more than Russia ever has.


Although im not Russian, im pretty sure they too pity you. The West is nothing but an illusion of freedom, and capitalism even more deceiving than communism. And please explain how the US in not a mind-controlling entity forever to be doomed by brutal strongmen. Even scarier is that u think ur free.


jerry tarnacia 26.02.2014 06:28

It is surprising that no one seems to think that this situation could lead to a World War. On all fronts west and south of Moscow, Russia is threatened.Syria is Russia's link to the Mediterreanean and Ukraine is Russia's widow on Europe. Remove them from Russian influence and Russia has big problems.
In the internet age,Ukrainians know there are no jobs in the UK/EU so naivete does not play here and they also know what happened in Greece when they went broke amd IMF crept in. The splintering effect that is happening now, wont last. Thats because Putin wont let it or Ukrainians won't have it OR both.


Miki Bakuta 25.02.2014 23:26

Unfortunately, the same scenario as in Serbia. I think Putin is waiting for something,probably have enough sense to not live to see him as well as Yanukovych.


Back to the Past 25.02.2014 19:11

Russia has a good card to play against the THIEVES: TURKEY, NATO's sweetheart.
Keep TURKEY busy fighting Gulen and the Gulenists.
Support Erdogan NOW.
See what happens... LOL


sheky187 25.02.2014 19:10

Nato might annex Ukraine by the end of this year...they don't have 5 yrs to wait...however it is against NATO policy to join in the country that has an unresolved conflict (Israel is not a member of NATO)...but hey I guess Putin know all that better than me....


sheky187 25.02.2014 19:08

Very good text. Can anyone tell me how big is Russian and pro-Russian population in Ukraine? How big is the "eastern Ukraine" (in % of territory)?

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