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Anti-govt protesters declare Odessa 'People's Republic' in southern Ukraine

Chechen leader blasts ‘end of the world’ news as sinful rumors

11.12.2012 14:53

Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya has told his people that all talk of the possible end of the world on December 21 was sinful for true Muslims as the precise date is only known to the Almighty.

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suricaten 25.01.2014 20:44

The world situation looks bleak at the moment! But I agree with Mr. Kadyrov, that the pridictions of the "End of the world"! Have existed as long as those doomsday preachers have had access to media of any sort! In fact as long as there have been interpretations of different prophesies! But the endtimes may simply mean that humanity will rise to a higher level!

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