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Chechen leader blasts ‘end of the world’ news as sinful rumors

11.12.2012 14:53

Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya has told his people that all talk of the possible end of the world on December 21 was sinful for true Muslims as the precise date is only known to the Almighty.

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Che Buraška 22.07.2014 20:04

Megadeth 22.07.2014 00:47

Hopefully the end of the Muslim world!!


Hopefully the end of such dumb folks like you.


sayer 22.07.2014 03:25

You are right mr president,please rid the world of the terrorist dogs who claim to be Muslims .they are unfit to carry the flag of Islam,Allah will protect the righteous


Ursula Riches 21.07.2014 18:42

It upset me that the evil doer Tony blair, became Catholic without any repentance for his war crimes and lies of death. It upsets me too that Islam should be abused by evildoers and politicians to do the work of the evil one. Please tell Muslims that the evil one has infiltrated their religion and they have to be careful now in order to not be led astray.


Ursula Riches 21.07.2014 18:39

The three days of darkness prophecy seems like a very good idea. I cannot see how the people can take over from the evildoers, banksters and big corporations with their governments who are running our nations in the UKUSEU. These and the nations in their evil alliance are responsible for blaspheming Islam. These terrorists are Kufirs. The bankster big corp owned politicians have through the use of false Imams, created armies of devils under the dajjal, they are slaying both Christian and Muslim believers.


suricaten 25.01.2014 20:44

The world situation looks bleak at the moment! But I agree with Mr. Kadyrov, that the pridictions of the "End of the world"! Have existed as long as those doomsday preachers have had access to media of any sort! In fact as long as there have been interpretations of different prophesies! But the endtimes may simply mean that humanity will rise to a higher level!

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