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Church, activists at odds over bill on insults to believers

19.10.2012 09:47

The Public Chamber’s resolution on the draft bill on protection of believers’ feelings “does not reflect the community’s opinion,” a senior cleric of the Russian Orthodox Church has claimed.

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Derek Maher 31.03.2014 21:48

There are enough laws passed by the parliament governing society without clerics getting into the act.
What next. Burning heretic's at the stake. Having religious courts? etc.


Joshua 16.11.2013 19:28

God is everything that is 'Right' or 'Wrong'. He is a set of Universal laws that cannot be changed.

Go d gave us the right to choose and we even argue with god as he backs down and lets us have our way. We place Leaders over us and then complain about the slavery and controlled enviroment instead of getting rid of the leaders and working together as groups to make choices.

We get manipulated into thiking violence is good, and judging others is good, and controlling everyone elses life is good. When they are Wrong.

We live in an Artifical world because God's world is flawed in our eyes.

We punish ourselves.



Joshua 16.11.2013 19:20

Seriously? (unregistered) 22.10.2012 01:04

let God punish them, as he did with the Flood. It only shows that even he (If exists) did not do a very good job creating humans, then he regrated it and kill them all ( ecxept Noah). Next time he should srhink harder who he will save..We are too evil................ ..... & nbsp;  Seriously.


He is a loving and understanding god who gave us that choice to choose. He does not want to rule over our choices. He did the flood to save us, not punish us.

To know god or what "god" is, you need to first know yourself. :)

Is god stupid?


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