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Russia’s Duma passes tough law on drunk-driving

13.03.2013 20:01

The lower chamber of Russia's parliament passed a bill in the first reading toughening penalties for drunk-driving, establishing a four-times-higher fine for repeated offenses and raising the criminal sentence for fatal accidents.

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Anonymous user 14.04.2013 18:28

It's .08 in the US generally. Not .8, which would translate to something like 20 drinks.


CJ Moss 14.04.2013 14:22

I would say zero tollerance in traffic. Call a taxi or take a buss.

Anonymous user 14.03.2013 15:17

I wouldn't say that the 0.2 amendment would be a deal-killer, the current limit in Russia is 0.0.


rt-themonk 13.03.2013 21:36

Interesting that a 0.2 amendment was added after the first reading. A 0.8 in the UK & USA is equal to a beer or a shot of vodka an hour in a medium sized male. Based on the clearance of alcohol from the system, what would the 0.2 mean in drinks per hour...1/4 of an ounce??? One drink and 3 hours latter, would that person be legally drunk??? Is the amendment a deal killer???

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