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Pro-Putin majority party sweeps first nationwide election day

09.09.2013 10:12

United Russia candidates won most of Sunday's municipal polls, and opposition politicians had to admit there were very few voting irregularities.

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Ricci Paje Mitchell 11.09.2013 14:01

I just wanted to send a congrats ta putin.. I would vote for him if he were to run here to.. russa is lucky to have a god fearing man to lead. I took a deap breath when our president anounced he was going to atempt putins suggestion. Maby my lil girls can still have a life when they grow up to..


Xenia Lynn Teresa Williams 10.09.2013 18:56

Good Developments. Wow. I had one of my post attributed to a Dennis Devolle...wierd.


Alejandro Caligaris 10.09.2013 18:13

wwe!! i almost forgot it


Alejandro Caligaris 10.09.2013 18:11

Here in Mexico we think "Ollrighty" ; is like watching WMA,
its all a pre-fabricated performance, its like a walt disney movie....


SuperPosts 10.09.2013 18:01

Anna Liddell 10.09.2013 17:00

Wow, Bill O'Reilly of Fox News called Putin a villian on his show last night. I wonder how Putin would do with an interview with him. But then again, he wouldn't dare to go head to head with Bill O"Reilly because he knows that Bill O'Reilly would ask him the tough questions and he would come out of the interview looking bad. He only grants interviews with people he knows will ask him the easy questions.


Really? Bill O'Reilly acts more like an illiterate person [no offence to illiterates] than a Journalist!


Freesaxon 10.09.2013 10:07

More good news


karenj 10.09.2013 04:44

that is the most stunning purple suit. she is proud to vote. I hope this isnt proganda photo..with sandwich hiding behind camera.

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