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“New European security treaty – not an alliance”

Published time: November 30, 2009 14:52
Edited time: November 30, 2009 14:52

The European security treaty proposed by Russia is by no means an alliance, but rather a mechanism to resolve conflicts, said Mikhail Troitsky, a political analyst at Moscow State University of International Relations.

The impact of the draft for a new treaty that President Dmitry Medvedev sent to foreign leaders and international organizations would first of all be an “impetus for discussion” of challenges and threats that European security faces these days, Troitsky told RT.

He said that “those who worked on the draft did their best to avoid any interpretation that would allow someone to claim that this treaty could compromise anyone’s collective security commitments.”

Troitsky added that the document is certainly not aimed at easing up mutual commitments within NATO.

“The main positive feature of this treaty proposal is that it seeks to eliminate the situation of mutual deterrence among some of the security blocs existing in Europe. And in that regard it can do much more than NATO can accomplish,” Troitsky noted.


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