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Europe’s alter ego begins to rear its ugly head

15.09.2010 12:24

As France struggles to contain the fallout from its decision to expatriate 1,000 Roma, other European capitals are being forced to deal with the ghost of resurgent intolerance.

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Anonymous user 09.06.2013 12:36

multiculturalism doesn't work. if you are poor you will be exposed to it. the solution? be rich


Thomas Madison 05.05.2013 09:36

Do yourselves a favor in Europe. Either A get the Islamics to behave or B deport them, I don't care

Anonymous user 28.04.2013 01:51

The America Sheeple were signed in to the "Single Market", the EU, to you and I, on the 4th April007

Anonymous user 28.04.2013 01:48

The Bilderbergers convened in Holland in 1954 Aim..EU. They have,nt come all this way to let go now

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