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Duma bars Russian children from adoption by foreign same sex couples

18.06.2013 08:09

Russia’s Lower House has passed an amendment that bans the adoption of Russian children by same sex couples from abroad.

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revealsins2me 08.08.2014 10:15

homosexuality is not a lifestyle it is a mental disorder that should be pitied but never accepted as thought its a norm.
this is why no one respects psychology as a science there manual is guided by political and social demand.

ped ophilia historically and rationally has more social and biological validity than homosexuality by far.

only in western society can a man having sexual relations with a 14 year old girl be considered worthy of death. when to men can sodomize each other and everyone says don't they make a cute couple.

the west is dead!!.


Akram AL-Obaibi 30.11.2013 03:52

US is spending alot of media effort to change the world into a GAY world. This is another US weapon to destroy humanity and defy God. Look at US fashion & reality shows, even cartoons are now promoting man-man or woman-woman companionship. Russia is leading all decent nations to stand up against this evil tide.


John Dale 22.09.2013 05:23

An actual leader on the national stage!

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 19:55

My western european country is destroyed by filth & liberalism. May God bless you, Mr. Putin

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 06:17

God bless Russia the greatest nation on earth!

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 06:09

Putin is the real world leader.

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 06:06

Russia is looking "good" and "decent" while is the "Developed" ; World like "Sodom and Gomorrah."

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 05:25

Emma Halington
Russia has only two reliable allies - the army and the navy (Alexander 3 Peacemaker)

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 04:29

it is a reasonable concern to protect children from pedophiles, rape, abuse and exploitation

Anonymous user 20.06.2013 00:59

pls tell y countries now in adoption/selling business of their kids? U don't want them 2 b Russian?

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 22:12

More important 4u to answer. WHY the need of so much adoptions? Can´t produce ur own gaays?

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 20:39

what happened to banning all foreign adoptions? The hundreds of thousands of orphans too much?

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 15:56

LGBT have political "protection&quo t; in the West....unfortunatel y. Russia, well done for standing firm.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 15:40

It's called democracy, the majority of Russians don't want this, so the Gov. responds. Go to France

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 13:46

And so are the gaays: You ´the uncivilsed´ straights produce ciuldren 4us & pay us childsupports.

Anonymous user 19.06.2013 13:43

Exact example: The feminists w/their enless ´rights´ cry left NO rights for fathers & children.

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