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Grammar Nazi style: Russian MPs aim to ban foreign words

21.02.2013 08:45

The Russian language needs legal protection from the “conquering march” of foreign words, sponsors of a bill before the State Duma believe. It seeks to ban all words borrowed from other languages and fine those who dare to use them in public.

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Freesaxon 14.12.2013 00:27

Not a bad move, sick internationalism, is INSTANT, CONSTANT, and unrelenting.

Apparently the French state that their radio stations MUST play a certain % of authentic French music.

Who wants the world to be exactly the same, from pole to pole ? ONLY the multiculturalists


Jeramie Kochlefl-Bodner 13.12.2013 15:44

Lol at anonymous! But
What you prolly don't realize is the maturity of this article. Not saying your comments aren't funny. But a few years back.. USA could have used a few journalist who weren't afraid to exploit extremest thoughts towards terrorists. Like those mp's towards Americans. This article is all of your immature comments wraped up and presented nicely. Funny read

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