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Russian MP moves to strip gays of parental rights

05.09.2013 08:04

State Duma deputy from United Russia parliamentary caucus claims that the recently introduced ban on promotion of non-traditional sex relations to minors should be extended to families. Therefore, homosexual parents have no right to raise their children.

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Ricardo Koch 15.04.2014 15:04

Well done Russia! I wish we would have more politician like you have. :-)


John Dale 22.09.2013 05:20

The fact is though, they are not their kids. Did everyone sleep through biology class? Men cannot have children with men. Women cannot have children with women.

Natu re is the way it is for a reason. Tell us, which parent doesn't the child need. The mother, or the father?


Max Roele 14.09.2013 15:56

Mensa Graham 08.09.2013 02:11

Gays raising children do indeed effect the lives of other people - the children.


Lo ok up Two Lesbians Raise A Son And This Is The outcome. Zach Wahls Speaks About Family. Didn't know gays affect children in such a way that they go to university and get high grades! So dangerous.


Max Roele 14.09.2013 15:52

Courtney de Childerhus 08.09.2013 12:46

You do realize that homosexuality is both a mental illness, and an indicator of overpopulation, right?... Parading who you're sleeping with in front of CHILDREN is WRONG.


Hadn't expected to find you randomly while browsing the news, especially surprised you are so anti-LGBT considering your own family. If a mother + father live together a child will soon know they sleep together, so what's the difference with two mothers and two fathers? Are they more likely to wave their genitals around or something? Lol.


Aaron Garton 13.09.2013 16:44

Here is the bottom line on this legislation: Would any of its supporters be willing to go to a happy home, where one or more of the parents are LGBT, and yank the children out of the family? Would anyone be willing to shove those same children into one of Russia's notorious orphanages? Is anyone that sick and cruel to do something so petty and mean?


karenj 10.09.2013 04:57

these are typical behaviors of a collapsing society. were it a cohesive society these ppl would be cast out.

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