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Russian school bans 5 Muslim girls from classes for wearing hijab

15.10.2012 10:59

A head teacher of a school in Russia’s North Caucasus region banned five Muslim girls from attending classes while wearing a hijab. Indignant parents filed suits at a local prosecutor’s office over the issue.

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Che Buraška 17.04.2014 02:18

Al Koran doesn't demand hijabs for women. It asks that "their headscarf shall cover the beginning of her breast".
Hi jab is not worn all over the Islamic world. It is a national clothing attribute. So it doesn't contradict freedom of religion to prohibit hijab in schools. The wearing of hijab excludes the girls from the community of scolars and is some kind of discrimination of women to feel home in the community they live in. It hasn't to do with Allah the almighty at all. Hijab and burka are inventions of people who want to control the lives of women.


MKS 21.11.2013 08:36

No hijab is not " symbol for the immigrant Muslims", it is the symbol of all muslim women, even those millions who are Russian nationals from centuries. Some people don't like how Muslims wear and pray - let them be whatever they like - but Muslim women do not want to bare themsleves in fron of other because they fear the torment from Allah on the day of judgement if they disregard His message.


nagyelme 21.11.2013 01:43

The hijab became a symbol for the immigrant Muslim minorities to assert their disregard for the majority. Everywhere, in France, Russia, UK etc...

The majority noticed and they are reacting.

B ut also, there is the factor of the Muslim cultures being contradicting everyone else's notions of freedom for women and tolerance. So the backlash is understandable against this invasive culture who shows disrespect for the host culture, makes a lot of babies and do not want to integrate.

When i immigrated to Canada, i embraced their culture and language and did not insist sickeningly to make little Hungary out of Montreal.


Telman Kerimli 21.11.2013 00:59

Russia is evil country. there are 23 million muslims in russia yet they don't let muslim women to wear hijab which is a religious obligatiob for them. what nonsense


Dmitriy Burykin 20.11.2013 17:51

Wearing of hijab is not traditional for muslims' womens in Russia. That's all for this question I mean.

And we don't need any traditions from Saudi, etc. arab countries in our country, especially in state schools.


Mohamed 20.11.2013 12:50

As one of the commentators mentioned, women in the rural area, who are not even muslims, have a similar dress code i.e. scarf or hijab;
second, maybe if Russia have had not took over countries that are historically "muslim" i.e. (Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Ichkeria...) it would not have these issues.

So some ignorants here need to go back to history, make some researches rather than exposing their stupidity here.


Arb ra 14.11.2013 19:05

Bravo !! Well done we should do the same all over Europe and send them all back to their beloved holy countries :) We are sick of you guys & girls !!


Muhammad Behery 07.10.2013 09:05

you ban them for wearing hijab and say you"suggested&q uot; wearing scarfs. you're totally irrational for a teacher you know.


Bader Rammal 17.08.2013 04:26

Man cannot travels deep into Space, nor can he digs the Earth beyond 13 kilometers! So, he wants to vent his frustration by attacking anything! What would be a better candidate than the Muslims to vent the frustration!


Ronald Baak 17.08.2013 00:03

Maybe the western world is tired of the Muslims


Abder Derradji 16.08.2013 07:48

why do not they ban east orthodox nuns from wearing veils. hijab is not a muslim invention but only a legacy of the judao chritisian traditions but it seems a number of thick heads did not get it. and one ascribed to the people of the book and who is reading his or her psalms, tora and bible wisely and carefully would know that. but helas! we are living in a world where the nuts, ignorant and dump are ruling and instructing their populace like a sheep flock!


Bader Rammal 14.08.2013 00:52

Russian Muslims can build their own school similar to Muslims schools in England. This will encourage isolation and its not in the best interest of Russia, on the long run!


Bader Rammal 14.08.2013 00:47

adu (unregistered) 16.10.2012 08:55

In Ajami (non-Arab) Muslim countries like Indonesia, Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan women have been elected leaders of the nation. In Arab Saudi Arabia women cant drive!Arabs bring shame on Islam with their backward jahilliyah views of women !


I s driving car mentioned in the Quran ? How denying women to drive bring shame to Islam?


ABDELKADER 14.08.2013 00:33

These people are obviously making it very clear that they are different from the rest of us, that they are special. Well, they should be treated as such; discriminated and ostracized. In Japan they say that if a nail sticks up hammer it down, as far as Russia in concerned, don't even bother.


donriver 13.08.2013 23:56

Good for Russian schools-Keep up the good work!

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