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‘Let Pussy Riot Go!’ Veteran Russian HR group speaks out

23.07.2012 11:51

The head of Russia’s oldest Human Rights Group has called on the authorities to free the members of the Pussy Riot punk group and compensate the girls for the 6 months they have spent in pre-trial custody.

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kelly m 16.09.2013 03:53

at the time i type this it is sept 2013.. what ever happened to them? i will go surf web.. why anyone comes to Russia KNOWING they will get in trouble for their ARTISTIC lyrics or opinions in their songs.. i will never understand.. they know they have different views about expressing your views ... yet they come .. do it.. then are shocked they get jailed and probably charged.. you do not go somewhere you know does not agree with your views.. then sing about your views.. and expect to not get ill treatment.. they were asking for trouble. A person or group cannot change the mindset of a country with a song.

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