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Russian court acquits politician of humiliating former child inmates of Nazi concentration camps

27.03.2013 07:32

A court in western Russia’s Smolensk Region has canceled a ruling ordering a member of the local legislature to pay compensation to former inmates of Nazi concentration camps, who claimed that the politician insulted them in a public speech.

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Che Buraška 26.03.2014 16:19

Nazi propaganda is very alive as we can see here. It's well done to prohibit it.

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 14:04

"Victimhood is getting old already, "
Sure is ..... but it pays well

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 09:03

How about pictures of the Buna plant?

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 02:09

The war has been over for 68 years. Time to move on. Victimhood is getting old already.

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 14:07

I think a portion of everyones income, say 25%, should go directly to the holocaust survivors.

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 00:20

Lesson: Watch who you let in: Iraq, Albanians,Any-" stans". Then they shot at US troops now run 7/11.

Anonymous user 15.06.2013 00:14

You don't get IronCross for "Tail Wiggling". Glad Warsaw Uprising was FINALLY recognized as Polish.

Anonymous user 29.03.2013 19:02

-pic looks like Holliwood artists faces r shining and kids chuby fed not like Palest African Iraqs

Anonymous user 29.03.2013 02:03

If there was ever a holocaust they could have a re-make now for historical clarity.

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 18:53

Almost 6 million holyhoax survivors! It is a MIRACLE!

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 18:52

Yes, me too! Take my money too! I am European, and thus very very guilty for THE Holyco$t!

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 15:30

no more of this black and white portraits show dead children of Syria Livia Iraq Palestine

Anonymous user 28.03.2013 10:49

"Former inmates" are by no stretch of imagination a "social group".

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