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One passenger found dead in sinking ferry - report

Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal

19.06.2013 09:41

The scandal over illegal data interception by US security services questions the correlation between the US and international law, and senior Russian officials are calling for an urgent update in Russian legislation in response.

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WorkTogether 09.07.2013 20:17

The NSA leak was perhaps the best thing that could have happened because it exposed the US gov's double standards to the World, like nothing else could have. It could also unify Americans to the point where they've had enough of the charade shadow government parade they've had to put up with. Hope Russia, along with Brazil & China, sort out the western lamedog puppets, spoonfed by their corporate masters. Give them a taste of the Russian Bear's displeasure, see them squirming with embarrassment & try to wriggle out of this one! They'll find Russia is for real & does not play for an audience!

Anonymous user 05.07.2013 09:44

At least we the sheeple have the possibility to boycott US products...

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 15:26

Genocide of the natives? Slavery? Freedom and equality for white male property owners?

Anonymous user 29.06.2013 15:25

The USA values? Since when? I am american, what values do you speak of

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 13:01

Edward Snowden is defending THE principles on which the USA had been based since its founding.

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 08:30

CIA and Mossad hit teams are currently in the SVO transit area. Snowden are you feeling a little ill

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 08:27

Please go to court you hypocrites! Russia is the biggest violator of citizens' privacy. What a joke!

Anonymous user 27.06.2013 06:49

The US and UK will dominate this planet. Once the UK leaves the EU, we will be forming USAUK.

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 17:48

It shows how it politics are, O goes to China to set up big thing over hacking.O should appologize

Anonymous user 25.06.2013 08:27

Obama is a lawyer and thinks he can fool other governments as he has fooled the American people.

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 02:05

Hey - FSA, could ya'll mail us a copy of Obama's Birth Certificate?!!!

Anonymous user 24.06.2013 01:49

16:43 - Not with Stalin we hope!!! Never mind - don't worry about it. We have our own Stalin!!!


HeroSnowden 24.06.2013 01:13

Bless russia and RT for helping us, this Illusion that we're the good guys here in the west needs to be dispelled.

The youth will rise, and the men who exploit the world will die. Because of the will of these criminals, our flesh and blood died in 2 world wars and now our youth dies defending these mens interest once again. They died for nothing as long as this world remains a place where government frees itself and enslaves its people.

This is our life, It's time we defend our own interest, Lets bring back the power to the people, and put these folks at home in their place.

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