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Russian police ‘puzzled’ by Interpol refusal to assist in Browder arrest

27.07.2013 10:58

Moscow is demanding an explanation from Interpol as to why it rejected the country’s request to put Sergey Magnitsky’s former boss William Browder, sentenced in Russia to nine years’ jail for tax evasion, on the international wanted list.

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Yanni Sorolov 16.08.2014 16:07

Interpol is Run by the USA and so it does whatever it likes.


Tom Cyrus 21.09.2013 16:46

Knowing present state of affairs in Russia I strongly believe Magnitsky and his boss Browder are both SOB. Simple greed and Russian unlawfulness allowed Browder, Magnitsky and investors to line their pockets.

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 01:26

Soros also tried to scrw Russia via the Lomonosov porcelain factory and was forced to give up owner

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 01:23

Browder arrived at the Moscow airport but was denied entry - persona non grata

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 01:21

Browder, a Rothechild swindler tried to rape Russia and lost a lot of his investors' money in Russia

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 01:10

Russian police puzzled? It's easy: They don't like you.

Anonymous user 30.07.2013 00:48

Make an example of Browder.
Offer a BOUNTY for him, in the process making interpol look impotent.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 22:23

22:04 Anyone who knows the law, knows that this is anything but political. Zionist protect their own

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 22:20

Interpol is a political organization. Paid up membership doesn't mean your part of the club.

Anonymous user 29.07.2013 22:04

Nobody is smart enough there to know Interpol won't help in politically-motivate d arrests?


Alan 29.07.2013 20:40

Interpol is a NWO tool and is not going to see one of their own hunted down. Its a surprise that Russia is surprised and one would think that they would know what the score is.

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