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US ambassador puzzled after finding his image on Navalny campaign poster

14.08.2013 07:58

The US Ambassador to Russia has discovered his photo on a stand used by supporters of opposition blogger Aleksey Navalny, who is currently running in the Moscow mayoral race.

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Stimpy Pulsar 20.08.2013 03:25

Absolutely America never meddles in the affairs in other countries. They never did a coup in Iran , America is clean as a mountain spring water but hold on is this the same America that supported the most bloodied regimes in South America - no this can’t be true for the leader of world democracy. After all now days the democracy is promoted by gadgets on decks of air-carriers in search of destroying ephemeral WMD and not the least by pouring billions of dollars for the establishment of civic societies American style. Crooks like Navalny are happy to sell they motherland for few silver coins.


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 15.08.2013 00:52

Russians ! let's admit it:

1) Yes Navalny and CO are supported by millions ! Millions of $ every year pumped by CIA and other pro democratic organizations

2) No, he is NOT a spy! Spies must be clever. He is only thief,crook and paid saboteur


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 15.08.2013 00:42

Dimitri 14.08.2013 20:11

Secondly they have no chance of power what's so ever. Their masters though are portraying that they have a legitimate chance of winning.


of course they have ! once their prominence rises form 0,5% up ROTFL


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 15.08.2013 00:40

Alex P. 14.08.2013 11:29

Ah poor Misha McFoul, he is probably the most hated man in Russia lol. Hang in there Misha, eventually you can go back to Stanford and write all about it; I'm sure people there will finally care.


no, not at ll he should stay !. He is so stoopid to blatantly show US policy towards Russia. More and more Russians can open their eyes ;-)


ChickenHawkHanoiSquickingPiggy 15.08.2013 00:38

logical-americ an 14.08.2013 14:04

It doesn't matter. If any opposition gets too close to being elected, Putin's courts will take care of the Czar's problems.


with 1 % unlikely, but now with official US support this prominence goes up to say 0,5% LAMO


Stan Dinsmore 14.08.2013 21:02

US Ambassador is merely "acting" when he is puzzled over his Image presented with Navalny's Mayoral run. US meddle in every countries politics worldwide as much as they can. Goal is to have people in power who may own their rise to American $ + influence. Like Boris Yeltsin; who was championed by Western politicians. Why? Because he sold off Gov't run corps. to private investment. He also almost collapsed the Russian economy in the 90s. Russian people will not support the "Russian version of Capriles".


Dimitri 14.08.2013 20:11

First of all Navalny and Co are not the only opposition in Russia, no other opposition has been criticized as much as they have been. Secondly they have no chance of power what's so ever. Their masters though are portraying that they have a legitimate chance of winning. Whether it goes for Corporate media or New York based Russian channels. Masters continuing to pay, as for them I don't think they really care or want to care as long as they have a stable revenue.


SVGuss 14.08.2013 17:55

[quote name='logical-americ an' time='14.08.2013 14:04']In Russia, if you oppose the powers that be - you must be an American spy... I mean, who would ever disagree with Putin? Every Russian must think the same and support 'dear leader' or they are a traitor, right?

You have no clue what you are talking about. That's called "too much Fox News without a helmet"


Amvet 14.08.2013 14:25

By the way, which candidate gets cash from McFaul?


Dimitri 14.08.2013 14:03

I'd take the girl, I'd kick him out. Obviously Navalny is trying to convert young men.


Ivan Dragomiloff 14.08.2013 12:11

He obviously came for the lady.


SVGuss 14.08.2013 11:22

"Tragic that someone could even think for a moment that this photo is real".
No, what IS tragic, is that the US have been so much involved in attempts to affect Russian internal policies and elections quite openly and aggressively, that anyone could think "no wonder he's on the picture".

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