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Russian opera star, MP speaks against anti-gay propaganda law

27.12.2013 12:56

Opera diva Maria Maksakova, an MP for the ruling United Russia party, says the controversial ban on propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors, dubbed the “anti-gay” law in the West, must be revised as it damages the investment climate.

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Allan 15.01.2014 00:20

One other thing that I would love for some of you to try.
Try for one day saying to yourself:
" I accept humans for what they are and can be, for what ever they would like to do with their lives and what ever not."
Some people have a lot to learn, I just hope that at least I have changed someones opinion.

Re member:
-If you don't have nothing good to say, don't say it at all.
-We are millions and millions of humans, don't expect us all to be equal.
-Thinking , Speaking and Practicing Love brings Love to your life.
-What is good/right and bad/wrong is very subjective and every one has different ways to view it.


Allan 15.01.2014 00:12

Do some people realize what they are promoting?
By agreeing on bans like this, or asking for woman who speak their mind to be kicked out of the government, what so ever.

You are saying this to the government. "You decide what is right and what is wrong, you should tell us how to live our lives, tell us what to do or what not to do, I am not capable of thinking or deciding for myself."


Allan 15.01.2014 00:07

I can´t believe how disappointed I was when I saw these kind of comments on this page. I really thought I was looking at a site with more conscious, smart, tolerant people and what a great disappointment did I receive.

I just want you guys to really understand what you are saying, don´t base your hate at any type of religion aspects.
Look at what you are writing, do you truly feel hate? Understand why you feel that way.
Remember, words are very strong, whatever you say, write or express is the kind of things you are bringing into your life.
And by the way, I am really happy that there are some people that stand up.


funkytowel 13.01.2014 02:33

You can usually make sense of someone's statements if you try. His point, I think, is that some feel that what they believe in, everyone should accept. It's funny, how liberals like to refer to people's 'hatred' ie, anything that they don't agree with. It is possible to not be a homosexual proponent but not hate homosexuals for it. You should try that... Not agree, but not hate.... It might be hard, but sometimes thinks that are difficult are the ones that are the most worth it. Liberals are so quick to hate and then accuse others of it.


funkytowel 13.01.2014 02:30

"forced to people's troth" = 'forced down people's throat'


funkytowel 13.01.2014 02:28

meh 11.01.2014 05:35

Yo ur comment makes absolutely no sense. And quite frankly I can post as many comments as I like on this website. It's a free country.


I think me meant "pay bribes" you might have noticed that if you were thinking...


meh 11.01.2014 05:35

Alex 06.01.2014 06:50

Of course they choose to be gays regardless of how many comments you post online. Moreover it looks like a satanic sect as soon as someone pays brides to politicians in many countries to allow gay parades and other propaganda and filth to be forced to people's troth.


Yo ur comment makes absolutely no sense. And quite frankly I can post as many comments as I like on this website. It's a free country.


SilverArrow 10.01.2014 06:44

"God loves gays" Well, Lucky for us God didnt create two Adams.


Tom B 10.01.2014 05:32

"Liberal" politics are simply designed to destroy all traditional values: religion, family, country, patriotism, and make the populace easy prey for "alternative values" and personal and financial enslavement by industrialist and capitalists. It has been ongoing in Europe for hundreds of years: British, French, Russian, Spanish Revolutions. Now they are continuing in countries that have come up with solid resistance, like Russia.


BFreeUSA 08.01.2014 22:06

How much did her opinion cost?

Unnatural influences on children should be an international ban. Family first.


Ekaterina Carlsson 08.01.2014 13:02

Business first, Maria! Who cares about children?! Money doesn´t smell....


David-Paul 08.01.2014 11:24

You should hire native speakers to write your articles.


Tom Sullivan 08.01.2014 07:59

HoarFraust 30.12.2013 11:39

Mommy and Daddy propaganda


Like it or not, were it not for old-fashioned Moms and Pops, you would not be here complaining about discrimination.


Tom Sullivan 08.01.2014 07:55

Alex Sappah 02.01.2014 01:03

Russian politicians and Vladimir Putin should get rid of this shameful law in order to earn respect by other nations and not face world-wide criticism.


What is shameful about the law?


Tom Sullivan 08.01.2014 07:54

John Muray 06.01.2014 21:42

I am so proud of President Obama for sending GAY athletes to Sochi winter Olympics...what's Putin gonna do? nothing...Putin looks so humiliated!


Yo u are a dimwit. Russia doesn't have a ban on gays, so they are free to attend the Olympics. It has a law against promoting gay relationships to minors, which is very different from the way it is being portrayed in the Western media.


Avis71 08.01.2014 05:25

It's good people with a real proffesion are active in politics, it helps to represent the common people.
The EU has too many 'proffesionals' make too academic policies.

I f the law is democratically created then other countries should respect it. It's wrong to discriminate on Russian artists because of laws in their country.

Co untries should focus on fighting poverty and creating an safe environment with educated people who have dignity and respect each other and others

This gay law and its publicity is distracting attention from the real issues.


John Muray 06.01.2014 21:42

I am so proud of President Obama for sending GAY athletes to Sochi winter Olympics...what's Putin gonna do? nothing...Putin looks so humiliated!


Andrew Teng 06.01.2014 05:19

she sounds like a sodomite coddler, she clearly does not care about "investment&quo t;, she cares about these child molesting sodomites. she and all the liberals should be expelled, if you really want a better investment climate, the right thing to do is reduce taxes, not coddle sodomites, this fool is just another hillary clinton in the making.

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