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Medvedev says no to false history

24.05.2009 05:06

President Medvedev has signed a decree on setting a commission to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia's interests, the Kremlin said.

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David Rudnick 28.10.2013 03:46

Russia needs to stop emphasizing on the past and instead constantly put out images and plans for the future.


Iskocyali Turkler Kurdler 08.05.2013 12:46

as a turkish,i know there are so many institutions and parties who have been financed by CIA and MOSSAD secretly.they will do everyt hing to destroy the heroic part of STALIN in world and russian history.without STALIN every russian women would have been raped and murdered by fascist german soldiers who were financed by usa,uk.usa wants russia like prostitute who would do anything for a turkish i love STALIN and know very well STALIN was the second greatest leader in russian and world history

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