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Vast majority of Russians oppose gay marriage and gay pride events – poll

12.03.2013 07:20

As the Russian parliament prepares for its second reading of a nationwide ban on ‘gay propaganda’ to minors, polls show that an overwhelming majority of Russians oppose both same-sex marriage and gay pride events.

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John Huey 24.12.2013 06:35

I have saved many people from slavery and suicide because of my logic and hard work, while you all squabble over your self hatred and wallow in your darkness!! God is gay and straight. God is a man and a woman. God isn't limited to all of your hatred and ignorance. Gay marriage and gay rights are a good thing. A god that does not support the rights of the people he made would be a false god.


Heath Fountain 18.12.2013 13:23

Moving to Russia!


Mike Johnston 03.12.2013 04:54

it's good to know there are still some who are prepared to stand up for decency- homosexuality is both offensive and disgusting. I note that whilst "activists" ; cry "discrimination "- they themselves allow no such freedom of thought that challenges them or their stand. A good- but sad- example of the minority holding sway...I'm sick of the worlds acceptance of such a lie- that perverts deserve to take the moral high ground and allowed such power to do so.


Ricardo Koch 26.11.2013 21:29

God bless mother russia and the courageous russian people for defending the family and protecting the children! We, in western of europe are only slaves of the NWO provided mainstrem agenda. They say what we have to think, to feel, to consume, and how to be. Even if it is against the human nature. Our western society is nothing more than a collective hedonic imbecility, and our sence of life consists into buy ( with the money we do not have) thinks we do not need in purpose to impress other idiots that we hate. And I wonder how long it will take until they punish me for have published my oppinion on RT.


Apollo farsyker 20.09.2013 18:57

Putin and Russia is the only hope left for Christian Earopean society too survive . Great job comrades .


Heidy 09.08.2013 01:53

tamaowner 17.04.2013 22:32

How is homosexuality the promotion of pedophilia? Come on, give me some real facts, prove your credibility.


Are you blind? The article clearly states 'nationally criminalize the promotion of homosexuality AND pedophilia among minors', in no way is it saying that homosexuality promotes pedophilia.


Mohammad 02.08.2013 10:19

At least some people in Western civilization have some sort of morality. LONG LIVE RUSSIA!!! LONG LIVE PUTIN!!!

Anonymous user 27.07.2013 10:48

Great to see this law come into effect.

Anonymous user 30.06.2013 20:02

not too dangerous looking women.

Anonymous user 22.06.2013 17:34

homosexuals think there exist only one right: the right of disrespect others

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