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Heroin harvest: NATO losing Afghan war on drugs

13.03.2012 09:23

The western military bloc couldn't persuade Afghan farmers to grow wheat instead of opium poppy, says Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service.

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James Mappy 04.06.2014 09:05

Lets dispense with the pleasantries. So, now you know why America is REALLY fighting the Taliban. Is there no end to the Evil that is America? Nope!


Mikey K 28.09.2013 06:53

Clearly the U.S. isn't leaving anytime soon. Continued efforts should not only encourage the redirection of crops but also eliminate (chemically or burning) such crops that ultimately are a public health hazard. Perhaps allowing for less harmful drugs /crops, such as Marijuana. Abstinence is a fools dream the best we can work towards is harm reduction. Grow it regulate it and tax it. People will always have and find vices but maybe we can move towards one less harmful.

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