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‘Big Bang’ theory: Dirty tricks, stunts alleged in Moscow mayoral poll

03.09.2013 08:13

Supporters of opposition blogger and Moscow mayoral candidate Aleksey Navalny plan provocations to spark unrest and riots shortly before the leadership poll in the Russian capital, a popular daily reports quoting sources in the security services.

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Pera Zdera 04.09.2013 14:07

the same tactics, same provocation, from the same source - CIA... as in Serbia. That is how Serbia was occupied, and still is, with Serbs baing second-grade citizens in their own country (stray dogs and gays are only concern of our government). I guess that there are a lot of Russians looking up to the West, almost without questioning absorb anythig coming from West. How very wrong!!!! And you will find out it soon as long as you follow Western lead....


Dimitri 03.09.2013 13:28

Navalniy will be taught a lesson during this elections. Go home dirty rat. No one wants you, how many people could you buy? I very much doubt you'd able to get a 10% even. You got a be really dumb or naive to vote for this bs.


Zina Saidova 03.09.2013 13:27

Yes of course so u can attack and beat Navalny without to be prosecute cause Newspaper already said it's staged before the things happen :)) Minority report :))


martin 03.09.2013 11:59

Dodgy U S stooge, Do we all really want to be Americans ? Never id sooner die .

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