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Navalny faces exit from Moscow mayoral poll – official

22.08.2013 10:18

Opposition blogger Aleksey Navalny could be expelled from the Moscow mayoral race over “numerous violations” in his campaign, a top election official said.

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Blue 25.08.2013 05:35

I think it is no secret that Navalny - the character for internal use (the European and American press)
  Bulk in Russia just zero, it is not interesting to anyone. People would never vote for this clown.
As for the opposition - in Russia there is no opposition. This blame the opposition - there is just a circus consisting exclusively of clowns.
I think that an adequate Socialist Party would win a lot of votes, but its just no one has created.


DragnarDaBreaker 23.08.2013 06:38

Now it's revealed Navalny has a company in Montenegro, which he didn't state in candidate's official form. What a worm.


Harri 22.08.2013 19:25

Why don't you bother to mention in the article anything what Navalny found out about Sobyanin’s luxury apartment on her daughter's name? Strange journalism or what should I call it?


Dimitri 22.08.2013 14:27

Russian leadership actually knows where he comes from and who does he work for, they don't trust him, no one does in Russia. The leadership is playing a game with the west by using him, at the end he won`t get very far.


Guru 22.08.2013 13:53

Navalny as a Yale leadership trainee obviously needs additional education. 5 years in front of him will be welcome. He should learn that been traitor and enemy of own people is not a good thing at all.


Andrej Kanaš 22.08.2013 12:46

Good. Crooks should not be in power

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