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Russia will use nukes in case of a strike – official

11.12.2013 11:14

Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin has warned that Russia will use nuclear weapons if it comes under an attack, adding that this possibility serves as the main deterrent to potential provocateurs and aggressors.

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Putler Beware 03.06.2014 12:36

More russian paranoia propaganda here.


Guno Slory 03.06.2014 00:37

i like this


Milan Bilek 19.01.2014 17:36

When you critisize Russia for making it clear, that it will responce to an attack with Nukes! So what, maybe an attacker will think twice, before launching such an attack!
And I do know for a fact, that almost all so called conventional missiles, can be loaded with whatever you want to! Believe me or not! But that is a fact!
(Included Nuklear warheads, just depends on the size!)


Milan Bilek 19.01.2014 17:29

@Juris Raudulis, I feel that I once again, must inform you, as a citizen of a Scandinavian Country, all my life! You must update your history, if you think that the Scandinavian countries was rich before the WWII !!! On the contrary, all of them was rather poor! So to compare to this countries, is a way of telling that your country was poor, too! So when you look at pictures and talk to westerners that have been to Riga and other places in the country, Riga looks nice, in a tourist brocure! But it's your responsability to keep the rural areas more like a modern country!


amnobizarro 16.01.2014 04:03

Personally, as a US citizen, I would love it if the US and Russia could stop their nuclear posturing and become military allies in stomping out Islamic terrorism, which seems to be plaguing both of our countries as the number one killer of our civilians.


Jesper Thrane 13.01.2014 06:26

wtf is wrong those eastern europearn PPL, you wonna be part of the EU but you still wonna abe around like some fool in the stoneage? mafia and car stealing that is what you are known for atm. ?
are you sure that you are home sapiens? homo erektus maby? or even even the missing link?


Kizo Dovanovicra 12.01.2014 18:43

the only attacker on Russia might be China, claiming their northern territories and wanting Siberia's rich oil and ore fields. Russians should stop thinking that the enemy is the USA or some weak EU. Germany and the EU are and will be allies to Russia in any future conflict


Milan Bilek 11.01.2014 22:36

For all those of you that have got the rather naive oppinon, that Russia would never dare to pull the "trigger" If they should be attacked! Think again! If they knew they where under attack, they would not hesitate one second to launch a counter attack! SO I SUGGEST YOU DON'T TEST IT, TO FIND OUT! If you did anyway, it would probably be the last thing you did on this earth! So To the US/EU/Nato gangsters! when will yourealize that enough is enough?


SilverArrow 10.01.2014 07:04

Here we og again, and Guess who started it.


Eric Siverson 09.01.2014 22:00

President Bush announced that United States now a preemptive strike policy in a couple of yrs Russia also announced a preemptive strike policy . Now we all must become preemptive in the lord our savior if we wish to be saved . This is the policy of the two most Christian countries in the world . And I think both of these men were fine Christians . Do you think these guys were trying to force the people to get right with their God ?

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