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Separation of Church & state to remain intact – Russian Patriarch

25.11.2013 08:40

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has rejected allegations of a possible official union between his institution and the state, adding that only an independent Church can preach successfully.

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Ros 28.03.2014 10:55

All I can say... nice hat Kirill, very fashionable. Well trained puppet of Putin...


Robert Collins 08.03.2014 00:54



Voice of Serbia 30.01.2014 19:18

You know, the church IS rich, but Putin is not an idiot. Putin will not allow himself to share power.


Brad Grace 30.01.2014 15:38

Enjoy your Theocracy Russia.


Bryan J. Maloney 03.12.2013 01:56

KIRILL knows his history well. He obviously knows what happened to the Church in Russia the last time it was explicitly associated with the government. The Church became just another government department, and there was no Patriarch.


goedelite 02.12.2013 23:42

Why doesn't the historically anti-Jewish, Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) admit to its instigation of pogroms, tortures, rapings, and calumnies since the 9th century, CE? The hatred of Jews in Russia, persecutions by its Tsars, crimes against Jews by its peasantry, blamings for plagues, all have their origin in the ROC. It is time for the Patriarch to atone for ROC's sins against Jews.


m breisch 01.12.2013 00:00

Believing in the supernatural is bizarre, especially knowing what we do. Believing as a cultural marker I can understand wanting to cling to it to uphold tradition, but believing as truth is a mental illness.


Jason Bedard 28.11.2013 12:56

I think that is a great rule of thumb. As long as it serves to protect the church from the state. For in the US it was that way for a long time. For some reason a small amount believe it is an excuse to protect the state from the church which is absurd in it's confluence. Which I suppose is going to happen but the fundamental has to endure to protect the church and all other religious beliefs ant any cost.


Rasly Walker 27.11.2013 22:27

BIG-ONE5 27.11.2013 20:15

Before you talk beware, I learned all this studying philophy. It was all related to religious believes. most laws are religious based. which was what shaped a culture.


Not sure what is "philophy" , however, if you look in the definition of "culture" you will see that it has no requirement for religion. Yes, religion has been a part of numan culture for some time, like pants and shorts. Actually everything a human ever invented has shaped our culture, including wars and crimes.


Rasly Walker 27.11.2013 15:39

BIG-ONE5 26.11.2013 23:45

Atheists are never militants. LOL. Atheists believe tht all religious fans are crazy. Mis informed.
Roligion and state are never separated. Can a Russian have 6 wives? NO? WHY?
Can anyone marry a 12 yrs old? Why? Really?
Separation of what? State interests and Religious interests? HMM. I need to study more then.


True heretics acknowledge the usefulness of religious addicts.

&q uot;Can a Russian have 6 wives? NO? WHY?"
Those laws have nothing to do with religion, they have other purely logical reasons.


marcus 27.11.2013 12:46

The usa should do the same thing. they should separate from the jewish religion and zionist teaching from the Government and not embed Tamudic text into usa law.
Since Israel is a Jewish state, all Zionist should not be allowed in government.
The same rules need to be applied to all religions, including christians.


Philip Venter 27.11.2013 10:40

I am a devout Russian Orthodox Believer in a country far from it's Mother Church - South Africa. But Russians who are not Christians need not worry about persecution from the State. The Church and State will remain separate. BTW, I am a supporter of Volgograd being restored to it's former name. That is where the defeat of faciacim stated, and the man after whom it was named deserves the recognition.


Proud Atheist 26.11.2013 08:55

Good thoughts, Ella. I have been following what you write for some time, and I agree with you on many issues. What is happening in Russia is troubling. I do not know if some are doing it to fend off Islam rise there, or if they think religion is the answer (like the Muslim Brothers). The latter is very wrong.


Diogo Carneiro 25.11.2013 22:14

The stupid militant atheists don't know what a secular state is.


Michael A Miller 25.11.2013 14:37

Warning, no no no Putin should not visit Vatican, nor meet the Popeyes! It is an entrapment, it is undoubtedly the same forces, kept reincarnating, it is a call on behest of the real Villains, the Saudis, Kuwait, Bahrain and all of those fake kingdoms. We say no to the visit, if the Pop wants to meet or need negotiating, he has to travel to Russia, to confess and repent, renounce,..(!!!?) before The Orthodox Church! If it is to award Mr. Putin with the Titles (!!!?) for his contribution to world peace, and so forth, we still say no, and we unconditionally object to this, it is a betrayal if Mr. Putin does so.

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