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Pray the gay away: St. Petersburg politician claims fasting and prayer a ‘cure’

25.09.2012 12:09

The author of the St. Petersburg bill banning gay propaganda continued his crusade by claiming in an interview that homosexuality is a bad habit that can be treated by fasting and prayer.

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Karla 20.07.2014 17:25

Why now it has been a qualifying factor for leadership in America thanks to the US Fed Education indoctrination through public schools and you can bet it is encouraged if not practiced by example form parent to child in government private schools. Once they have the parent seduced the parent then seduces the elder children --- and then sure, keep in the closet while Hillary runs across the eastern world with a manual and a license from Illuminati Zionist WAR MONGERS. Who's hand are you in?


Matt 14.07.2014 03:16

Stop pretending that you have an argument based on nature or even reason, just say that you think it is a sin and admit that, that is all you have to go on... your superstition.


Matt 14.07.2014 03:15

From what I understand, many gays have a really hard time accepting their sexuality in the beginning. Later they accept themselves, if not celebrate. Some never do and commit suicide. The point is:
If it were something "curable", or a fetish, there would be little issue. It should be obvious to any passive observer that homosexuality is biological in nature.
The world is over populated, so I'm not sure why anyone should care about homosexuality. It should be seen as helpful. Religion is the only reason it is an issue. And obviously they are confused.


Tony Monti 12.07.2014 01:33

ERIEANN explain to me a fetish and there you will have your answer for homosexuality. its all in the mind. Do you think people are born having an attraction to certain clothing, shoes or even one legged blondes ? Of course not. They are not born that way. They are nurtured that way.


Tony Monti 12.07.2014 01:30

EIREANN propaganda no gay gene has ever been found. It is like a fetish all in the mind


Freesaxon 26.11.2013 22:44

He's full of good ideas !

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