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Internet initiative: Public petitions get legislative legs

05.03.2013 09:20

Russian citizens will soon be able to submit their suggestions on improving the state system and national economy via a dedicated website called the ‘Russian Public Initiative’.

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Jannie Muller 05.03.2013 18:12

I want Russia to offer a "city as a service".

Where I could earn an income , live in peace alongside like minded folks who don't strive to corrupt or enslave others.

The city as a service, infrastructure to be owned by the state etc, provided the state keeps it transparent and healthy, i.e. don't corrupt it into the abyss to the 1%.

One could live free of fear of war and other religious mumbojumbo and government control, sovereign, as long as you pay your taxes :)

Anonymous user 05.03.2013 11:19

Between 1869 and late 1930s, approximately 100000 children were brought to Canada from Great Britain

Anonymous user 05.03.2013 11:15

US-style elections lead to oligarchy, not democracy. Democracy means <rule by the people>. Kudos!


Colin Telstra 05.03.2013 08:19

This is probably one of the best initiatives in the world today and proves that the Russian Federation "Walks the Walk" of E-democracy, further more it makes a sad embarrassment of other backward Western "do what we say" policy initiatives, lets face it Russia is the "West" Greece is a "Developing Nation" and the rest of our "Western" nations have fundamentals that look a lot like Greece.

Why ? because our "Government&quo t; simply does not listen.

Thi s is more than a voting mechanism this will generate whole new initiatives with information feedback. This is news.

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