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Khodorkovsky, Pussy Riot members may be part of amnesty

04.12.2013 12:56

Former oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky may be freed under an amnesty dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Constitution, the country’s leading human rights official said after a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

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Dot 08.12.2013 00:22

Amnesty should be reserved for those who truly made mistakes, not wanton trash like this.


James Martin 05.12.2013 08:24

Khodorkovsky and P-Riot are due to be released very soon anyway, so I don't see how this really matters.


charliestyx 05.12.2013 06:56

V. V. Putin is going to let Khordovsky go?!?!?

Why doesn't he just open up Pandora's Box instead!


fredka27 05.12.2013 04:50

How many Duma members are in the pockets of the Zionist oligarchy?, I know as an American all our politicians are definitely controlled by the Zionists, so are many of our key institutions,,,Russi a beware of these fifth columnist Zionists residing in your country.


fredka27 05.12.2013 04:30

Doesn't surprise me!!! I wonder what Russia gets in return for freeing mostly Jews, more American commercials on their tv programs?. I've never seen so much US goods advertised lately on Russian channels, I don't see any Russian goods advertised on US channels. Spending more money on your military budget? why? when your internal enenmy is these people that go back and forth from NY.Much more dangerous than any US military in general.


ctrl-alt-del-enter 04.12.2013 23:03

Waiting for Post-Prison P-R Career to Equal or Surpass Sid Vicious

My Way = Heroin Overdose after Killing Girlfriend


j.innes 04.12.2013 21:59

I am sure that there are many worthy people. Mercy can be a good thing. In this world there are few saints but many sinners in need of redemption.


Wat 04.12.2013 18:12

And while they're at it, they can charge St. Mikhail of the Gulag with accessory to murder.


Wat 04.12.2013 18:09

Yeah, set the debauched "artist" free, then, when she gets back to Moscow, arrest her for fornicating in a public place.


Biloxi Marx 04.12.2013 14:53

see email to RT

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