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Russia to continue helping South Ossetia, Abkhazia – Putin

26.08.2013 13:19

The Russian President has congratulated the leaders of the two republics on the fifth anniversary of international recognition of independence, and promised future aid and support from Russia’s side.

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Keir Mclean 01.09.2013 14:33

When americans start reciting pro CIA propaganda about stalin purges (which were falsified by cia from figures of soldiers that died in battle). We should start reciting their death count around the world in the name of capitalist enslavement.


Keir Mclean 01.09.2013 14:31

When you think of 50 years of communist bashing for a nation like the U.S that gave the least and had to most to gain from ww2 against great Russia who spared us all from Nazi enslavement, we forget who did who favours despite differences in ideologies. One things for certain how many Americans today would rather be RED than dead, i bet many.


Keir Mclean 01.09.2013 14:29

Even as outsiders we can see the western pattern of systematic enslavement, coup de tats, for pretty much that entire time coming from the most pro capitalist nations like the U.S. reflect back on vietnam, korea,nicuragua, falklands, argentina, chile, brazil, panama, cuba, columbia, yugoslavia, northern ireland, east timor, iraq twice, iran twice, afghanistan, lebanon, palestine, libya, egypt and now syria just to name a few I think the U.S death toll is getting close to 10 million if not beyond it in half those operations alone.


AmericanX 01.09.2013 10:46

Recent PR blunders by the US has made Putin look sensible calms and strong in the International arena.

This is the calm before the storm, soon it will take more than words to keep the peace.

I do hope he is as strong as perceived at the moment.


Stig 27.08.2013 16:16

Thank you Russia for supporting South Ossetia!


Deniz Gec 26.08.2013 21:05

Thank you Russia..İn my opinion after Erdogan Turkey will regognise Abkhazia too..because he says he's Georgian

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