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The Innocence of Pussy Riot

26.10.2012 11:11

President Putin says insulting religious feeling should be punished and one rule applies to all as he drew a parallel between the Russian Pussy riot punk band and the anti-Muslim film produced in America.

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Pete Anderson 03.11.2013 17:40

We can see in the west protecting minority rights and cultures at the expense of traditional western based values/cultures/iden tities is being systematicly used to destroy national states. While our own high-culture and traditions are not being taught we are substituted with absolute worthless dross. Just look at the Music industry no one can deny this is no less than psychological warfare. What are our leaders doing about this attack on our culture and way of life? The Queen of England is suppose to be the defender of the faith. Rules for radicals is a Marxist book dedicated to Lucifer how are they countering this?


Zoë Zola 02.11.2013 18:17

Nadezjda Tolokonnikova is missing!!!!!!!

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